3 choses à savoir sur Disty qui lance son IPO à la Bourse de Casablanca

3 things to know about Disty launching its IPO on the Casablanca Stock Exchange

Disty shareholder, Ahmed Reda Chami sells part of his shares during the IPO.

Holding a little less than 8% of the capital of Disty, the president of the CESE, Ahmed Reda Chami, is selling part of his shares on the occasion of the IPO of the company scheduled for July 5 to 8 inclusive.

Engineer, winner of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, we knew Ahmed Reda Chami the fine technician, politician of experience and integrity. We now discover the entrepreneurial facet of the man who was Morocco’s ambassador to the European Union in Brussels before landing brilliantly at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE).

Ahmed Reda Chami has not only been in politics in his career. He was between 2005 and 2007 CEO of an insurance and technology company and held several positions in Microsoft for which he was responsible for North and West Africa and for South-East Asia. . An adventure that led him, one thing leading to another, to join forces with Younes El Himdy, the CEO of Distry. The two shareholders as well as the Private Equity fund PME Croissance sell part of their shares during the IPO, probably to allow the operation to reach a certain size and provide liquidity to the fund.

PME Croissance’s initial equity investment dates back to 2013. Since then, it has participated in all capital increases except for the one carried out in 2022.

As part of the operation, this fund, which holds 58.3%, intends to sell 45.5% of the shares held in the capital of Disty Technologies, ie 354,999 shares. The investment fund undertakes to retain its remaining securities, ie 99,811 shares, for a period of 6 months from the date of admission to listing. However, any transfer of the entire stake may take place during this period provided that it is carried out for the benefit of a transferee who has subscribed, prior to the said transfer, a commitment to maintain the entire participation, for a period of at least one year from the date of the said transfer.

Ahmed Reda Chami will for his part sell 2% of the capital, knowing that he currently holds 7.8% of the capital. It undertakes to retain the remainder of its securities, ie 45,393 shares, and not to assign or transfer them for a period of two years from the date of admission to listing.

Younès El Himdy, a 33.9% shareholder of the company, intends to sell 15,596 shares held in the capital of Disty Technologies, or 2% of the capital. It also undertakes to retain the remainder of its securities and not to assign or transfer them for a period of two years from the date of admission to listing.

Disty Technologies is an importer and distributor of wholesale IT products and solutions, covering all the needs of professional and private end customers. The company is a direct competitor to Disway. It distributes computers, printing equipment, software, etc. It also offers server and photo/video solutions.

The company makes 456 MDH of turnover, half of which on computers.
In 2021, its turnover stood at 456 MDH, half of which was achieved with SME resellers and 22% directly with retail (average of 19% over the last 3 years). By product, it is the computer market that contributes the most to turnover (264.9 MDH in 2021).
The company, which achieved a net result of 18.3 MDH in 2021, intends to distribute between 77% and 82% of its distributable income each year.

Disty is part of the very first cohort of the Elite program.

Distry, which is part of the very first Elite cohort of the Casablanca Stock Exchange, will integrate the alternative market A with simplified admission and financial communication rules.
In addition to the sale of shares for 109 MDH, the IPO will be done partly by capital increase for 62 MDH.


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