30 years of cult shows - Internet users discovered Denis Brogniart's look in 2000 and hailed his "glow up"

30 years of cult shows – Internet users discovered Denis Brogniart’s look in 2000 and hailed his “glow up”

In “30 years of cult broadcasts”, Internet users discovered the look of the host of “Koh-Lanta” during the victory of the Blues at Euro 2000 (TF1 screenshot)

This Saturday, June 18, viewers of TF1 attend the second part of “30 years of cult broadcasts”. In the issue broadcast this evening, the years 2000-2010 are in the spotlight. Among the very many formats that have marked the French during this decade, “Star Academy”, “Popstars”, “Loft Story”, “Stars at home”, “La Ferme Celebrities”, “Rendez-vous in unknown land” , “Live my life”… but also great moments in sports history. In July 2000, France indeed won its title of European football champion by beating Italy. On this occasion, viewers were able to (re)discover images of Denis Brogniart commenting on the atmosphere that reigned at the time on the Champs-Elysées. Internet users were surprised by the look of the famous “Koh-Lanta” host!

This evening again, it is a whole generation of viewers who have an appointment in front of TF1 with the broadcast of the second part of “30 years of cult broadcasts” devoted to the decade 2000-2010. For ten years, the television landscape has seen the emergence of many talents and programs that we are still talking about today. Tonight’s show began with the portrait of several comedians who started their careers on television during this decade: Florence Foresti, Omar Sy and Fred Testot or even Philippe Lacheau were able to meet their audience alongside Stéphane Bern, by Michel Denisot or Laurent Ruquier in programs like “20h10 pétantes”, “Le Grand Journal” or even “We are not lying”. During these ten years, television has seen the appearance of the first reality TV programs such as “Loft Story”, hosted by Benjamin Castaldi, “Star Academy”, hosted by Nikos Aliagas, but also other programs still fresh in the memory of many viewers like “Live my life”, “My Incredible Fiancé” or even “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. But this decade started with a bang thanks to a television moment shared by more than 20 million viewers at the time: the victory of the Blues in the Euro 2000 final against Italy.

VIDEO – Discover Denis Brogniart’s Minute

“Denis Brogniard’s glow-up!”

On July 2, 2000, in Rotterdam, after a particularly tense match, the French football team beat Italy 2 to 1 and won the Euro thanks to David Trezeguet’s golden goal scored during extra time. The Blues then achieved the feat of a first chronological double, after winning the World Cup in 1998. During this event, a human tide seized the Champs-Elysées. Denis Brogniart was on site, in the midst of this historic popular jubilation, to tell the atmosphere on the spot. His look at the time was noticed by Internet users who did not hesitate to salute his “glow up”. In other words, the host of “Koh-Lanta” has improved with age!

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