5 talents to bet on for the future

5 talents to bet on for the future

New school presented us with 24 candidates and we decided to play the judges. More than dwelling on the performances of the artists in the series, we dissected the discographies of each to get a more global idea of ​​their talent.

What often takes precedence in music today is originality, interesting and new artistic proposals. We have chosen five particular talents and we explain to you why you absolutely have to keep an eye on them.

BB Jacques

If there is one artist who stood out during this season of New school, it’s him. Yes, BB Jacques is special, and it is this uniqueness that will make it successful. Like SCH, Jul or PNL in their early days, the man in the beret is criticized, or rather, still misunderstood. With already three projects in his discography, there is a lot of material available to discover his universe. Take the time, it’s worth it.


Leys, she raps too well and too hard to pass up. If there is one guideline she must keep throughout her career, it’s to keep kicking. This technique innate to her makes her special. From his introductory freestyle in front of Niska and Tiakola in the first episodes of New school, we understand that Leys is talented. With a little more self-confidence, she will easily find a place for herself in today’s industry.


It’s a shame that a one-minute freestyle sealed Ben PLG’s fate so quickly in New school. Now that his plans uneven course and Reality Rap Music, Vol. 1 are available, it’s easier for us to play the judges. In pure and hard rap, the Northerner is excellent, without neglecting the melody. His writing is sincere and his journey touching. All these characteristics make him a really interesting artist who deserves not to stop at the first episodes of the series.


When Elyon shows up in New schoolit is not said “rapper” but “artist”, and you just have to listen to his music to understand the nuance. Obviously, the two terms are inseparable, but we advise you to go and listen to “Who is going to listen to this?”, his one and only track available, you will understand. Like BB Jacques, the universe of Elyon is particular and will inevitably create misunderstanding. But the production, the interpretation, the writing… It’s strong. So take the time to enjoy.

Fresh LaPeufra

He is one of the biggest potentials of this season. More than his music, it’s his attitude and his aura that can weigh in the balance. Her voice is a major asset in her artistic proposal. Although his first performances in New school can cast doubt, just listen to the few pieces that make up his discography to understand the extent of his talent. With time and practice, Fresh LaPeufra can become the most interesting performer of this season’s 24 contestants.

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