58,826 cinema admissions in one year

58,826 cinema admissions in one year

With its 58,826 admissions from May 2021 to May 2022, the VEO Castelnaudary cinema will certainly have enabled the Chaurien cinema to record the highest level of attendance in theaters since the creation of cultural structures dedicated to the 7th art in Castelnaudary. And this despite the health crisis and its consequences on attendance due to many months of closure in 2020-2021. However, beyond this positive observation, a recently published national study indicates that moviegoers are nevertheless having a hard time finding their way back to theaters.

Cinema at home?

The reasons given? Admittedly, the admission that the platforms have durably installed the spectators in a practice of “cinema at home”. Certainly also, the impression that there is not much to see at the cinema… Whereas, beware: in Castelnaudary, 300 films have been screened in 1 year (6 new films per week, just that !). But also, and in priority, the feeling that cinema “is expensive!”. So, has the big screen become a luxury cultural practice?

Attractive rates

Elsewhere perhaps but not here… 8, 20 euros. This is the full price for a ticket at Cinéma VEO. But let’s not forget the efforts made, thanks among other things to support from the City of Castelnaudary, to significantly reduce the cost thanks to numerous formulas: €5.90 Price for subscriber cards (non-nominative purchases by 6 or 10 places) €6.20 Reduced rate High school students, students, holders of the large family card, job seekers, people with disabilities, over 65s. €4 Child rate under 14 years old €1 Acticity rate €5 Culture Pass rate €5.50 “Cine-clap” member rate €5.50 Morning rate for all screenings before 12:00 €6 Animations, Previews and Special Screenings rate according to the proposals €6 Festival rate, in particular the British festival and Cinéma d’Automne (excluding the PASS offer) €6 or less in works councils €5 or less in senior clubs. Finally the cinema may not cost that much. And many have understood this since on average, spectators buy their cinema ticket for €5.85 in Castelnaudary.

short course in economics

But in fact, what does a cinema ticket finance? A little lesson in economics… 11% TSA: a tax that finances the operation of the CNC, it is for example thanks to the money collected by this tax that the organization will be able to help producers financially to set up their projects 5, 5% VAT indirect tax on consumption which is revenue from the general state budget. 1% SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers and Music Publishers), a non-profit organization whose purpose is to manage copyright. The money recovered is redistributed to member authors and composers. 42.5% Film distributor (the one who acquired the rights to show the film from the producer: BAC, Gaumont, UGC, etc.) 41% The cinema: us!

It’s good to come to the cinema

So, congratulations! As soon as you cross the threshold of the cinema to take a seat there and see a film, you treat yourself and come to discover a work in its original dimension, in the best possible way, but also, you contribute to the financing of the industry. cinematic! Thanks to you, creators and directors will be able to continue making films and your favorite cinema to continue to exist to screen them! And thus make this place one of the prides of our city, as evidenced by the many comments we receive on our website. How good it is to live here! And how good it is to come to the cinema!

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