5G will have more than a billion users before the end of the year

When the 5G rollout started, it was only supported by a handful of high-end smartphones. And network availability was very limited. But today, it is clear that despite the pandemic, then the current crisis, the deployment of this new generation of mobile networks is happening very quickly.

5G is progressing faster than 4G at launch

In a recently published article, our colleagues from TechRadar relay Ericsson’s annual report on mobility. And according to the data discussed in this report, the deployment of 5G is faster than that of 4G.

More precisely, the increase in the number of 5G users between 2018 and 2027 will be faster than that of the number of 4G users between 2009 and 2018.

“Ericsson’s latest mobility report confirms that 5G is the fastest growing generation of mobile technology ever, and Ericsson is playing a key role in making it happen”said Fredrik Jejdling, Head of Networks at Ericsson.

The company predicts that by the end of the year, 5G will have more than one billion users worldwide. And in 2027, it will have 4.4 billion users. As TechRadar notes, this lines up with another prediction, made by CCS Insight, which predicts 1.2 billion 5G users by the end of the year, and 4.5 billion by 2026.

“Despite the founding years of 5G clouded by the Covid-19 pandemic and the problems it has created, the market is in a stronger position as we enter the second half of 2022”comments James Manning Smith, senior analyst at CCS Insight, in a press release published this month of June. “The world still faces a bleak macroeconomic and geopolitical outlook in 2022, coupled with supply chain challenges. But the transition of mobile subscribers to 5G networks is expected to progress well, with 5G connections expected to nearly double this year to 1.2 billion. »

Western Europe will have 150 million 5G users in 2023

As for Western Europe, Ericsson data indicates that in 2021, 5G had a 6% share of subscriptions. However, by 2027, this share would increase to 82%.

According to the report, the number of 4G users increased further in 2021, and accounted for 80% of subscriptions. However, 4G is expected to lose users in the region from 2023, in favor of 5G. Ericsson also predicts that 5G subscriptions will have 150 million users in Western Europe by the end of 2023.

5G smartphones increasingly affordable

Otherwise, when it comes to smartphones, Ericsson highlights the role played by mid-range devices that support 5G. These are more and more numerous, which facilitates access to this technology.

“In addition to improved device capabilities, a wider range of 5G smartphone models is now available in the mid-price segment. This means that 5G smartphones are becoming more affordable for more market segments.”reads the report.

More than 650 5G models have already been launched. And these would represent 50% of all 5G devices (all form factors).

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