a new platform for the sale of sheep and goats

a new platform for the sale of sheep and goats

My ANOC is a platform created by the Association nationale ovine et caprine (ANOC) for the online sale by breeders of sheep and goats who are members of the Association, and allows consumers to obtain sheep or goats without having to move, with a national delivery service. It thus allows direct contact between the breeder and the consumer, thus minimizing the problem of a multitude of intermediaries. It is also intended for red meat operators (butchers and chevards) who wish to buy animals with well-defined characteristics.

In line with the objective of digital transformation of the sector, in this case at the scale of operators, agro-ecosystems and at the plot, and at different levels of the value chain of agricultural sectors, in As part of the Generation Green 2020-2030 strategy, this application will increase sales of small ruminants at the national level by 2030.

The platform allows buyers to view the products available for sale with their characteristics (breed, weight, age, etc.) and to consult breeder data online with the possibility of carrying out advanced multi-criteria searches.

Speaking on this occasion, Mohammed Sadiki said that this application will allow breeders to sell sheep without intermediaries, and consumers to have a wide range of choices in terms of breeds and prices, without having to go to markets, sometimes poorly organized.

In addition, he stressed that this initiative, which concerns breeders under the association, will give impetus to the structuring of the production chain of sheep and goats, and red meat in general at the national level, noting that it is one of the objectives of the agricultural development strategy for 2030 “Generation green”.

A boon for consumers

In addition, the Minister indicated that the supply for Eid this year is estimated at nearly 8 million head, faced with a demand that does not exceed 5.6 million, with prices at the same level as those of the previous year.

For his part, the president of ANOC, Abderrahmane Mejdoubi noted that this digital platform was being developed for two years, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, ENSA of Oujda, the association “ soft center”, adding that it intervenes as an alternative following the deterioration of the sector due to the pandemic. And to support: “MyANOC allows us to market our products.” The application would be of great importance for consumers who will be able to choose their sheep, according to several criteria with the delivery.

In relation to breeders and farmers, this platform will open up to the world of digital and digitization, which have become a necessity in the world of the 21st century.e century.

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