Adriana Karembeu, her daughter Nina in a toxic relationship

Adriana Karembeu, her daughter Nina in a toxic relationship

Adriana Karembeu confided in an interview with Gala magazine, where she talks about her marriage to Aram, but also their daughter Nina. She shares their huge bedroom with her. This relationship could be toxic according to an expert.

“In Marrakech, I live in a hotel and there I share a huge room with my daughter – in which I even had a slide installed for her to play,” said the former queen of the podiums, now animator.

“Aram is sleeping in another room. In the north, the children sleep with their mother in co-sleeping until late”, specifies the attractive blonde, who reveals the personality of her daughter.
She has a fiery temper from her husband. “I like it,” she says. “quite the opposite of me who was so fearful as a child… no doubt because of my family background”.

According to Ici Paris, co-sleeping or co-sleeping – would be harmful for children.

This practice harms “the autonomy of Jacques and Gabriella”. Ultimately, this could lead to ‘a kind of overprotection’, and develop a form of emotional dependence.

“The co-sleeping maintains the fusion between the parent and the child, which does not encourage, in the long term, the necessary separation and excludes the father”, explained a pediatrician, going so far as to evoke a “toxic” relationship.

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