Advantages of proficiency in professional English

Advantages of proficiency in professional English

L’English is unquestionably the first international language spoken around the world. All companies that wish to have a first class standing know that they must promote english within their organizations. As a result, fluency in English has become one of the selection criteria of most companies in the context of recruitment.

Thereby, master professional English is more and more acclaimed all over the world for having a professional evolution fast. What is Professional English? What are the advantages of proficiency in professional English and how to learn it easily?

What is Professional English?

Professional English
Where Business English refers to thelearning english in relationship with a profession or one activity area given. It consists in achieving a good command of the English language favorable in its professional environment. For this, learning professional English allows:

  • To acquire a specific vocabulary;
  • To acquire linguistic codes and grammatical rules that will allow a professional to graduate in his sector of activity.

Whatever your field of activity, you will find on this site all the guides that will allow you to easily start your learning of professional English.

In fact, the communication in english is very different from the traditional courses received in high school or university. In general, professional English is above all focused on the oral communication than on the written rules learned on the benches.

So it is important to have a vocabulary as enriched as possible, but also specific to its sector of activity. The linguistic codes and the grammatical rules are not to be ignored, because these elements make it possible to to speak correctly language.

Furthermore, the communication style in a professional context wants to more direct. Sometimes it’s more technicalbecause it is centered on a given field of activity: trade marketing, finance, tourism… This is also one of the reasons why the mastery of specific terms is essential.

What are the advantages of mastering professional English?

the business world is constant evolution and for several years the English proficiency is a essential skill for any worker or job seeker who wishes stay competitive on the job market.

The advantages of mastering professional English are numerous and allow you to build a brilliant career and therefore seize opportunities easily.

Boost your career

For the jobseekersimproving your English pronunciation and perfecting your English vocabulary can help get a job and develop your career. Mention the mastery of English in his resume constitutes a strong point which sets the graduate apart from others and gives him an attractive profile, especially for international business.

In France, many companies now require their employees to be fluent in English. Some companies even go so far as to spend a very good part of thejob interview in english. In this case, the candidate is required to master professional jargon in English.

Furthermore, the “Cadremploi” press group had mentioned that 1 in 2 executives in 2016 considered English to be an obstacle to their professional development. According to the same source, 86% of these same executives affirmed their use of English to perform their duties. Above all, learning English in a professional setting is a necessity.

Develop your position or take up a position of responsibility

In the professional and business world, English is a universal language. The majority of foreign customers and partners use English as first language of communication.

A professional who, in addition to his technical skills, can speak English would easily see himself assign to a strategic position and perform tasks that require the contact with customers.

He will be able to lead meetings, negotiate with customers or make phone calls in English, welcome English-speaking customers, write a business letter in English. These are among others tasks that give value to an employee. For an employee who is fluent in English, his superiors would have many opportunities to solicit him.

It is therefore an opportunity for the employee to rise in rank. Likewise, when applying for positions within his company, English could tip the scales in the right direction for him. Thanks to English, he will therefore no longer have the impression of stagnating in his work.

Earn more money

More often than not, fluency in English is not directly associated with better cash flow. Nevertheless, practice english could provide several significant financial benefits.

Indeed, fluency in English allows you to perform different tasks within your company. Do a multitasking gives the employee a precious place and the latter could leverage their position to ask for a raise.

In a good way, when an employee is multi-tasking, it suits his superior to raise his salary commensurate with the service he provides. The more the employee varies his services based on English, the more he will be paid.

For the freelance professionalsfluency in English enables get contracts easily. Whether it is a job related to web writing, graphic design or web development, the fact of practicing English doubles the chances of attracting new customers.

For the liberal professions, the practice of English is also beneficial. For example, a lawyer who masters thelegal english can develop his career towards international affairs.

Develop your business beyond borders

The concern of any business leader or entrepreneur is to grow your business. Since English is a universal language, any entrepreneur can expand its activities internationally.

It is therefore important that the chef is trained in professional English and that his collaborators do the same. Proficiency in professional English can be a real weapon to conquer customers and significantly increase profits.

English could be used in all development and marketing strategies. A touch of business English makes it possible to stand out other companies and show themselves open to the international business market.

Add value to your business

Whether the employee is in a small, medium or large company, mastering English allows him to have an added value compared to other employees. As part of his job, an employee most often needs a large number ofinformation. And on Internetthe promotion of English is increasingly growing.

Indeed, more and more serious web pages offer articles in english. An employee who wishes to collect reliable information would be confronted with the use of English. This situation would be beneficial to him if he had a good command of the language.

He will thus be able to deal with all the subjects of his company thanks to his ability to read, translate and comment on articles in English. It will most often solicited for his competence in English and the relevant work it offers. He will still have more values in the eyes of his superiors and colleagues.

Stay interactive, regardless of customer country of origin

Even the CEOs the smallest and ordinary are confronted with the use of English in their field of activity. Whether it is a gardening, aesthetics, hairdressing, catering or other business, business leaders as well as employees frequently face Foreign customers.

Having a command of English in a professional setting allows stay interactive with customers. It would be frowned upon to hire an interpreter to serve as an intermediary. Not only are the exchanges not direct and subject to distortion, but also the company spends money on mere talk.

In addition, the mastery of English allows take advantage of work opportunities abroad. Many foreign customers express the will to call upon a foreign company, because of the quality of its services.

Thus, a bilingual company will be able travel and advertise its services and explore other cultures. Employees of such a company also enjoy the same benefits.

How to easily learn professional English?

It exists several programs learning english for business leaders as well as for job seekers, employees or students who are preparing their careers. On dedicated websites, online english lessons are given to professionals wishing to be able to work in English.

Most of serious course are chargeable. These sites help learners to acquire the necessary background in English according to the areas of activity of each person. Most interestingly, it is possible to really master professional English, without affecting your wallet.

Indeed, any employee, self-employed person, or any person undergoing professional retraining who has a CPF can follow professional English courses, free of charge. That is 100% funded!

Finally, training in English is good, but practicing English frequently allows you to master it quickly. For this, it is advisable to:

  • Do some exercises in English;
  • Engage in discussions in English with an English speaker in his sector of activity, by Skype for example;
  • Listen to courses or podcasts in English;
  • Watch programs in English, series in their original version;
  • Or read classic literature books in English or even books in his field of activity in English;
  • Travel from time to time or do professional internships in an English-speaking country.

All this will allow you to quickly become familiar with the English language, master all the linguistic turns of phrase and acquire a vocabulary specific to your sector of activity.

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