Afro-Club, the turntable hit with Sarah Lula, Aya Nakamura and Ghis B - RFI Musique

Afro-Club, the turntable hit with Sarah Lula, Aya Nakamura and Ghis B – RFI Musique

Congolese singer Sarah Lula.

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The Afro-Club celebrates all the urban music of Africa during this week of the Fête de la Musique with, in the turntable hit Keys, Sarah Lula & Bill Clinton, Ghis B, CKay, Abidoza, Davido & Focalistic, Aya Nakamura , Sabi & Nova and finally Kris Badd & Lynnsha.

Cameroonian artist Kris Badd declares his love for Martiniquaise Lynnsha in their event duo Ndolo
Christian Eone Tjade, known as Kris Badd, is making his big comeback with an all-you-can-eat afropop project. The Cameroonian born on January 24, 1977 in Paris has enlisted the services of Lynnsha for his new single Ndolo. For history buffs, it was in 1998 that Kris Badd appeared on the radar of the industry, with his first album Stock. He did it again in 2000 within the structure he created KB Association Production (KBAP) with a 2nd album Za’ane. You will have understood it, Kris Badd is not at his first attempt. The Franco-Cameroonian actor and singer has also been active in recent years: we owe him Sexy Baby (2020) or even African Beauty published the same year. Leaving Ndolo in duet with Lynnsha, he intends to reconnect with popular success. The clip was also shot between Cameroon and France last year.

In Gabon, the refreshing Sabi enters the game with his afro title The Wests help from Nova in the production
Alida Sabrina Mitogo Allo, more commonly known as Sabi, is part of the new generation of Gabonese urban artists who have a future in the industry. Born on September 17, 2001, she benefits from a double culture by her father, a national of Equatorial Guinea. Sabi has been interested in music since 2016 with the support of her brother beatmaker Nova. It was not until 2020 that she seriously threw herself into the bath within the group Dirty Girls, being noticed by freestyles on social networks. They will end up catching the eye of the producer DJ Mafia who will sign them on his label. Thus, will come out the titles palaba, Dirty Land or bad girl which will not go unnoticed. After this adventure, Sabi decides to pursue her solo career by announcing the release of Gang. 2021 is the year it truly partners with Nova. Together, they will produce the French-Spanish titles Ingoumintk and Twisty that will captivate the public. 2022 is the year of singles The Wés. Artist to follow.

Aya Nakamura is all-powerful when she play it Naughty to land a new summer hit in France
If for some time, Aya Nakamura has remained discreet, the arrival of sunny days is surely the right reason to swing hits in all directions. She’s finally back with the clip Naughty, his new single which will certainly make you dance during all the holidays. From its title Quickdraw shared with Damso, the singer is more expected than ever. She takes the opportunity to show again that she is in charge. Shot in a villa in the south of France, Aya returns more powerful than ever with choruses and a melody that are still as effective as ever to raise the temperature of the evenings. With this piece, we can hope that the singer is preparing a nice surprise for us… Case to follow.

The Nigerian Ckay, calls in reinforcement Davido, Focalistic & Abidoza to also unveil his summer hit watawi
CKay is now an inseparable name from the top of the charts. For a year now, he has been making the whole world dance and regularly drives the counters crazy like Love Nwantiti. Boosted by an impressive success on TikTok, CKay has been number one in Switzerland, Portugal and France, counting 494 million streams to date on Spotify alone. His next single Emiliana also charted and was certified platinum single. A success that is not about to stop since CKay unveils today watawi, an amapiano piece calibrated to become one of the big hits of the summer. To accompany him, the Nigerian star called on Davido, Focalistic and Abidoza. An effective quartet that sparks. CKay explained that “many have found themselves in complicated situations in their relationships. Sometimes it is better to leave things as they are and just vibrate without having the pressure to define the nature of the relationship”.

In Chad, Ghis B invites Wassa Fas on his single Molo Molo
Ghis B is the first Chadian artist to join the Afro-Club. A first for Gislain Maourongarti, born November 21, 1995 in Moundou, Chad. It was first through dance that he entered music. From 2010, he was part of all the hip hop scenes and ensured the show on the choreography side until 2015. From time to time, he passed in front of the microphone to pose a few freestyles, but nothing very serious until the year 2019 when he signs with the independent label Homeland Empire and officially releases his first single Habibti. His contract expires in 2020, and Ghis B continues his career in self-production. He goes out Nagode. It will take a little while before Molo Molo does not reach us, but the game was worth the candle!

The singer Sarah Lula who moves the Congolese scene, is illustrated in a duet with Bill Clinton for the province of Kasai
Sarah Lula, who has long been presented as the new darling of Congolese song, is back. After collaborating with DJ P2N last year on the title Macaronithe young woman invited Bill Clinton to Kasai, a tribute song to one of the provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from which they originate. The song uploaded on June 18 is winning over its audience. Called the goddess of rutwashiSarah reinvents the mutuashi, a traditional musical genre popularized by the famous singer Tshala Muana in the 90s, which she merges with Congolese rumba and urban music. Bill Clinton who accompanies him is much better known for his talents as an animator. He performs regularly on the stages of Kinshasa.

The Gabonese Keys request Why violence against women continues
Franck Regis Nzué Mengoua, alias Keys tackles a very serious theme for his fourth single: violence against women. The Gabonese singer, born on February 14, 1992 in Mitzic (a city in the north of the country), is what one might call a musical UFO. It took him a while to decide to embark on a musical career, prioritizing his higher education. In 2010, he still flirts with his passion, joining an amateur group of rappers. After this first experience, he joined the rapper Bak Attack with whom he really made his debut as a professional. With his higher education in perspective, he flies to the city of Rennes in France where he will definitely embark on music. Following the pieces Like a bird, Go away and Christmashe revealed Why. With this last title, Keys outlines an interesting trajectory.

This selection can be listened to in the Afro-Club playlist on Deezer, Spotify and on the YouTube channel of RFI Music.


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