Al Maghribia Takaful enters the Moroccan participatory market

A subsidiary conquering a new market

Al Maghribia Takaful was created to meet the protection needs of people wishing to subscribe to insurance solutions in accordance with the opinions of the Superior Council of Ulemas, excluding in particular the payment of interest to the operator (insurer).

Al Maghribia Takaful will offer an immediate offer of Takaful insurance to beneficiaries of crowdfunding, which will be followed by the sale of Multirisk Building products and then Takaful Investment Insurance.

The participatory subsidiary aims to further expand its range of longer-term products, particularly non-life insurance, to meet the needs of society and its partners.

The launch of Al Maghribia Takaful’s activity opens up new prospects for its parent company, La Marocaine Vie

Starting with the distribution of its products through the Dar Al Amane branch network, Al Magribia Takaful strengthens the company’s integrated bancassurance model by supporting the development of Societe Generale Morocco’s participatory window, by conquering new customers, especially those hitherto reluctant to take out financing without Takaful coverage.

Aiming to support the expansion strategy of the third player in participatory finance in Morocco (today capturing 15% of market share) through a substantial expansion of its distribution network (which should be multiplied by nearly 4 in the next 3 years, growing from 14 agencies today to 50 by 2025) and the development of a phygital model, Al Maghribia Takaful intends to position itself as a benchmark player in the participatory insurance market in Morocco, whose potential is estimated at one billion dirhams by 2027.

Promoting an open architecture approach, Al Maghribia Takaful also plans to expand the distribution of its offers to partners outside the group.

With the creation of its subsidiary Al Maghribia Takaful, La Marocaine Vie is also strengthening its commitment as a Responsible Insurer, by contributing to the protection and financial inclusion of a part of the population not benefiting from any insurance coverage.

Al Maghribia Takaful also aims to participate in the development of participatory insurance in the local landscape. Numerous popularization and communication actions aimed at the general public are planned in particular to create the conditions of trust.

By simultaneously diversifying its areas of expertise and its activities, La Marocaine Vie is reaffirming its vocation as a reference insurer in Morocco, present alongside its customers in the moments that matter.

The General Manager will be responsible for supporting the implementation of the strong strategic ambitions of the new subsidiary.

Taking office on June 1, 2022 the day after his appointment by the Board of Directors, Abdelkrim Fazazi becomes Managing Director of Al Maghribia Takaful.

His mission is to implement the strong ambitions of the subsidiary of La Marocaine Vie, by supporting the growth of Dar Al Amane and by gradually installing the Al Maghribia Takaful brand in an emerging market in Morocco.

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