An Agenaise in the running for the French Cosplay Cup

An Agenaise in the running for the French Cosplay Cup

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Camille Edery is a professional costume designer, but it is under the pseudonym of Pixie that she gives life to characters from pop culture. She will compete on July 3 at the Coupe de France cosplay in Tours.

When we walk through the door of her studio under the roofs of an old building on Boulevard Carnot, we find Camille Edery, in the midst of meticulous work, working on the embroidery of the costume that she will wear in 15 days at the Coupe de France in cosplay.

This purple veil will complete Esmeralda’s sumptuous outfit, which the costume designer has been working on for hundreds of hours.

There is the making of the costume (cos), and the acting on stage, once in the skin of this character (play, game in English).

When the passion for sewing meets that of manga

Passionate about pop culture, Camille Edery discovers manga at the end of college, when another passion is gaining momentum in her life, sewing. “I did a 3rd year internship at the Paris Dance Conservatory, in the costume workshops”, a revelation for the young girl.

After other internships in high school, she then joined the University of the Arts in England and obtained much more than a diploma. “There, you learn to educate yourself,” says the cosplayer. “Need embossed embroidery for cosplay? Just go for it!”

For Camille Edery, or rather for Pixie, each costume is thus seen as a challenge, and in this, the choice of character is very important, but also very difficult to make. “This is the hardest part, you have to see if I really like the character, I will still spend hours and hours on his costume, also see if the techniques interest me”, she says.

Pixie stops at nothing

Feathers, leather, gold thread, Pixie will stop at nothing to make majestic outfits, as faithful as possible to those of these characters. “We are noted on this, on the originality, on the resemblance, but also on the quality and then, the stage performance”, details the costume designer.

And the mere evocation of this moment gives him shivers of excitement. Because, dressed, hair, makeup, carried by the music she has chosen, the young woman can finally present to the public the fruit of her work, a moment of great emotion.

“It’s exceptional!” she says. “We are locked up, our noses in our work for sometimes almost 12 months, and there finally, we meet people”, she continues.

Fans on the networks

A community of enthusiasts. Lonely ? Yes and no. Pixie is indeed alone in front of her model in her Agen workshop, but she has behind her a whole benevolent community which follows her progress with great interest. Fans on social networks, but also the other cosplayers with whom she forms a big family. “We call each other in video on Discord, we show each other our work, we help each other”, testifies Camille Edery.

For some, the Coupe de France will be the occasion of a first “real” meeting, so the excitement is great, but there is still a lot of work to do.

To discover Pixie’s work, go to the Tours exhibition center from July 1 to 3 for the French Cosplay Cup or on the artist’s website ( and her Instagram page (pixiecostumery). Note that Pixie won the costume prize in 2017 and is invited this year for an “All Stars” edition.

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