an agreement for the sourcing of medical devices and health products

Signed by the Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, the President of UniHA, Charles Guepratte, the General Manager of GHL, Khalil Jai Hokimi and the President of the Cluster of Medical Industries of Morocco (MMI), Said Benhajjou , this partnership aims to develop sourcing from local suppliers of medical devices and non-drug health products “Made in Morocco” capable of providing solutions to the needs of European buyers and identifying partnerships that meet the needs of hospitals. Europeans in compliance with the fundamental principles of public procurement and the required requirements and standards.

It follows two agreements aimed at developing local production of medical devices and health products. The 1st signed in September 2021 between the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the medical cluster and the Mohammed VI University of Health Sciences (UM6SS) and the 2nd signed in December 2021 between this ministry, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Moroccan Association of Health Groups (AMGS), and the Medical Cluster (CM).

In a statement to MAP, Mr. Mezzour explained that this alliance will strengthen the ecosystem for the production of Moroccan medical devices, which are extremely popular internationally, noting that thanks to national skills, these quality national products worldwide are among the most competitive on the market.

After underlining the interest of health establishments in Moroccan production, the minister said that UniHA, with its more than 4 billion euros in annual purchases of health products, will allow Moroccan devices to penetrate the French market, to strengthen its marketing capacities and thus contribute to the creation of jobs in the sector.

For his part, the president of UniHA, Charles Guepratte, underlined the importance of this agreement which will allow French hospitals to meet their medical device needs from Morocco, instead of traditional suppliers such as China and South Asia. East, and to secure their supplies thanks to the agility offered by the national logistics network. “We want to bring added value and complementarity to the supply and purchasing policy of French hospitals,” he said.

At the end of this Memorandum of Understanding, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will support the promotion of “Made in Morocco” products, will strengthen collaboration between the Cluster and the parties concerned and will support industrial companies capable of addressing the markets national and international.

It will also work to facilitate contact and consultation with existing local manufacturers capable of meeting national and international product/material needs in terms of medical devices and health products.

For its part, the UniHA undertakes in particular to support Moroccan companies through the MMI Cluster for access to public procurement, and to participate in the development of Moroccan industry via the MMI Cluster for access to standards. competitiveness expected by hospitals in the UniHA network and their staff.

It will also take care to consolidate industrial and commercial relations in the health sector by setting up annual meetings with Moroccan industrial players through the MMI Cluster and to provide the experience and expertise necessary to participate in the rise in value of the Moroccan industry of medical devices and health products.

As for the MMI, it undertakes to facilitate contact with existing local manufacturers capable of satisfying national and international needs for products/materials in terms of medical devices and health products.

The cluster will also work to facilitate administrative procedures in accordance with the prerogatives assigned to it through its agreements with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

For its part, the GHL will support the MMI and its manufacturers in the sourcing of inputs and raw materials, while ensuring the promotion of medical devices and health products “Made in Morocco” for export to its French and European networks. , and will drive the MMI and its members for medical product compliance.

The GHL also undertakes to provide its logistical expertise and to promote quality control of medical devices and health products by acting as a sourcing operator to find the appropriate solutions for European buyers, in compliance with the requirements and international standards and as a coordinator in the process of grouping orders from industrialists in the MMI Cluster.

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