Auto Hall Group Officially Launches New Automotive Brand CHERY (VIDEO)

Auto Hall Group Officially Launches New Automotive Brand CHERY (VIDEO)

Africa Motors, a subsidiary of the Auto Hall automobile group, officially introduces during a launch ceremony on Thursday, June 23, 2022, the Chinese car brand CHERY.

Africa Motors is a subsidiary of the Auto Hall group. Created in 2015 to develop Auto Hall’s business with China, this company signed a strategic partnership in 2021 with CHERY, one of the largest car manufacturers in China. Chery’s choice of Africa Motos was motivated by Auto Hall’s experience in the rolling stock sector.

The Chinese adventure in Africa is only at its beginning. CHERY International is a Chinese company based in the city of Wuhu, 500km from Shanghai and is present in more than 80 countries in the world with ten assembly plants. In addition to being one of the top automakers in China, Chery has also been China’s passenger car export leader for 19 consecutive years.

It is with this in mind that the Africa Motors subsidiary signed a partnership agreement with its brand new Chinese partner Chery, on October 28, 2021, to ensure the import and exclusive distribution of its range of vehicles in Morocco.

“We see Morocco as one of the markets with the greatest potential in Africa. And we know that Auto Hall is one of the largest automobile distributors in Morocco with a professional team rich in experience in automobile distribution,” said Zhang Guibing, President of Chery International, as part of the formalization of the signing of this agreement. He added in conclusion: “We are very confident that the cooperation between Chery and Auto Hall will be very fruitful in Morocco”.

For his part, the general manager of Africa Motors Abdellah El Mouadden affirmed: “China is a strategic axis for the development of our group through strong and lasting partnerships in distribution and manufacturing”. He also underlined: “Our vision is to build a long-term partnership by introducing the entire Chery range to the Moroccan market, including electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We also agreed to discuss and study CKD project for local market and for export. Through our mutual efforts, we are confident that we will succeed together. »

To this end, the Chinese manufacturer has decided to open up to the Moroccan market by introducing an SUV Pro range comprising 4 models in 8 versions: Tiggo 2 pro, Tiggo 4 pro, Tiggo 7 pro and Tiggo 8 pro. It is a very innovative range combining new technologies, safety, comfort and very modern design.

The brand also intends to launch – in collaboration with the Auto hall distributor – 2 100% Hybrid and Electric models which are among the most distinguished innovations of the Chinese manufacturer.


  • Company name: Chery
  • Date of creation: January 8, 1997
  • Headquarters: Wuhu, Anhui / China
  • Business activity: Automotive
  • Chairman of Chery International: Mr. Zhang Guibing
  • International website:
  • Morocco website:
  • Distribution countries: 80 countries
  • Number of customers worldwide: 10 million
  • Vehicles exported in 2021: 269,154 units.

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