Ayoub Assabban lance OrderCast, un tableau Excel pour les grossistes

Ayoub Assabban launches OrderCast, an Excel table for wholesalers

Ayoub Assaban digitizes the work of wholesalers and creates a new IT solution, “OrderCast” based on an Excel spreadsheet to improve the ordering system of companies.

Instead of placing orders by fax or telephone, the new solution offered by the Belgian-Moroccan, Ayoub Assabban, offers the possibility of managing the entire ordering and backoffice process, allowing many wholesalers to catch up digitally. Such a tool has enabled, in less than a year, Assabban SA to convert 95% of its B2B revenues online and to expand into 4 new countries.

Starting to work in his father’s company, Ayoub Assabban realized that the system put in place for orders was flawed. And even if there were IT solutions on the market, they were too complicated and expensive for people outside the IT world. It was then that Ayoub had the idea of ​​using the most used tool in the world as a starting point: an Excel spreadsheet.

A “single”, “transparent” and “independent” tariff of the number of users

OrderCast offers a unique and transparent price choice. It is also independent of the number of users, unlike other tools which involve prices based on the number of users. “There is nothing more frustrating for a wholesaler after paying a huge setup fee than having to pay per user. All the more, a wholesaler needs to involve all his employees in some way”, underlined Assabban.

A “no code” SaaS solution adapted to B2B2C wholesalers

The operation of the new solution created by Ayoub and his co-founder Borys allows, once the products are listed on a Google Sheet (equivalent to Excel), to generate a complete order taking and back-office solution.

“Wholesalers need to have a simple environment that they know. What could be better, for those without an ERP, than a spreadsheet? Once ready, we are able to generate a complete solution for them in a few hours. If they already have an ERP, it’s even easier!” explained Ayoub.

A Europe-wide customer waiting list

The main objective of this new solution is to offer first customers an exceptional experience, said Assabban, noting that they started by working with a system of waiting list and word-of-mouth. ear. “We are starting to have registered wholesalers outside our borders. This makes us very enthusiastic and confirms a certain interest in such a solution.”, he noted.

A fundraising with the best Venture Capital

The two co-founders have just raised with the best international VCs. Among them, Hoxton Ventures, one of the first investors in Deliveroo or Epic Games, Verissimo Ventures, Paolo Rubatto (Start Capital), Justin Caldbeck and Kima Ventures (Xavier Niel’s fund).


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