Behind the scenes of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival

We participated in the 61st edition of the Festival alongside Claudia Cherki, champagne partner of the event.

The blue carpet, the stars parading, the previews, the swarms of fans, the Golden Nymphs and the Princely Couple… Without a doubt, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival represents in the eyes of the world a unique and magical. But this grandiose event would be nothing without the help of the partners, who each bring their touch of magic in their own way.

Carefully selected by the Festival, these partners offer their products or services to Festival guests, and in return obtain excellent visibility. The Festival offers each employee a tailor-made event, adapted to their needs and their target.

This year, we followed Claudia Cherki, official champagne supplier for the Festival, but who also dressed some stars.

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“Introduce champagne lovers to champagne”

It’s Friday June 17 and a scent of excitement reigns around the Grimaldi Forum. After two complicated years, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival is back in force for its 61st edition. Just a few minutes from the opening ceremony, Claudia Cherki is on the alert: tonight, and for the first time, it is her champagne that will be served to Festival guests, as well as to actors and celebrities who came from the four corners of the planet. A very fine distinction, which comes only five years after his debut in the fine bubbles industry: ” they discovered my champagne during a cocktail party, she explains. When they validated our partnership, I was really delighted: I am so dedicated, committed to everything I do… I felt great recognition. »

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Once the ceremony is over, marked by the awarding of the Golden Nymph for best international hope to Théo Christine by the Princely Couple, as well as the world premiere of the new series last light, the Festival cars arrive in front of the Grimaldi Forum. They lead us directly to Monte-Carlo Beach, where Claudia’s champagne is flowing. Seeing the participants help themselves is a relief: ” I can finally breathe and see the result, see my work. It’s even more satisfying in Monaco, it’s a huge recognition “, she confides to us.


But what does this champagne have for having succeeded in seducing the organizers of one of the most prestigious events in the Principality, and who choose their partners with care? For Claudia, the strong point of the product is its, and this at all levels: “ The strength of my champagne – and I worked very hard on it – comes from my customers, who tell me that it’s a gourmet champagne, which brings flavors, without acidity, without headaches. I want to be able to introduce people to champagne, whether they are already amateurs or not! (…) In addition, there is an environmental approach, with a system to clean the vats and the presses, so as not to pollute the rivers and streams. »

Combining fashion, glamor and the environment

Claudia Cherki’s contribution does not stop there. Because if the young woman masterfully manages her champagne business, she continues in parallel with her primary activity: the making of tailor-made and, above all, eco-responsible clothing, signed Personal Made For You.

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Some celebrities have also decided to call on her for the event. Like the American actor Ricky Whittle (The 100, American Gods), who didn’t hesitate to relay her most beautiful outfits on Instagram, recalling the impact of the textile industry on the environment, and the importance of changing our view of fashion: ” Tonight’s outfit for the Monte-Carlo Television Festival is an amazing costume made by Claudia Signature, made from recycled plastic, proving that we don’t have to make things worse in the television industry. fashion. (…) Every little detail counts and the work of this talented stylist from Monaco is a wonderful start. »

I was really happy that Ricky Whittle agreed to wear my clothesClaudia tells us after the event. When he saw what I was doing, he said he was only going to wear those clothes, not the ones he had brought in his suitcase. He shares my message, I am delighted to see that we share the same values. »

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Word of mouth has also worked very well, since Claudia receives more and more requests, both for champagne and for clothes. Determined to keep a cool head, she is waiting to see certain projects come to fruition, but remains resolutely optimistic: “ when I started to believe in all this and to work on my fashion project, it was 2014. It’s 2022 and it’s only just begun. I was perhaps a little avant-garde, and that motivates me to continue, to go even further, to advance at my level. »

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A work also recognized by the Prince’s Government: the young stylist indeed collaborated on the documentary breaths of life, screened in preview at the Festival. The crew of the film wear polo shirts and uniforms made by Claudia, made from recycled plastic. Very moved to see her name and logo appear, after such hard work, she emerges from this experience even more determined to combine her passions with her convictions: “ I plan to recycle clothes in the future. We can all do something, even the smallest gestures count, such as reducing our water or food consumption, not wasting, or actually choosing eco-responsible clothing when we have the choice to do so. »

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