Billie Eilish at the Accor Arena: how the American star turned Paris around

Billie Eilish at the Accor Arena: how the American star turned Paris around

“Tonight is going to be fun.” Oh good ? However, Billie Eilish swears it on this Wednesday evening at the Accor Arena, after a few songs and visuals as engaging as… ghostly silhouettes or aggressive dogs. We have known more pleasing as an introduction. And yet.

This is precisely what intrigues this young 20-year-old American, who has become a new world pop star in two albums and a few hits that are sometimes danceable, often depressive or even downright tortured. A huge popular and critical success – she has already pocketed seven Grammy Awards in three years – with ambitious, daring records like her excellent “Happier Than Ever” released in July 2021. A collection of songs that the young lady has recorded with his brother, Finneas, at home.

It is therefore almost a child who arrives on the stage of the Accor Arena, as if she had just left her teenage room with an oversized T-shirt, shorts, sneakers and two duvets as a hairdressing. A look that we also see in the room where many fans look like their idol. Logical mimicry when Billie Eilish has known better than anyone, in recent years, to evoke adolescent malaise, the questions of youth, the quest for happiness…

Stretching to evacuate bad vibes

“Happier than ever” announces the title of her latest album in which the young woman begins to see the light. And she does not hide her pleasure to be there, on this huge Parisian stage and to share her songs with this generational audience with whom she does what she wants.

Billie Eilish invites people to sit down and everyone finds their seats. Billie Eilish offers stretches to get rid of bad vibes and everyone complies. And above all, Billie Eilish carries on her own, surrounded by only two musicians including her brother, a huge show, totally stunning visually but surprisingly friendly. She talks a lot, takes advantage of the advance which allows her to find herself in the middle and closer to the public, interrupts a song to ask security to bring bottles to the overheated front rows, then reappears perched on a basket at the other end of the room to get closer to the spectators in the back who had seen it up to then in lower case.

For two hours, she chained magnificent paintings surrounded by golden wings on the screens for the aptly named “Goldwing”, a giant spider on “You Should See Me In A Crown”, archive images of her baby who come at just the right time during “Getting Older”, or projections of her face crying black tears during “When The Party’s Over” as in her music video.

Billie Eilish lifts the public with the incredible disturbing electro of “Oxytocine” returns Bercy with her hit “Bad Guy” and makes almost 20,000 fans sing without even having to ask, screaming the lyrics of “Lost Cause” and especially “Happier Than Ever” for a shattering finale in a fervor rarely seen. And despite this show of force, the singer takes the time to greet the public for long minutes before leaving the stage. As if she would then find her room and resume a normal life.

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