BMCI Medical, a success story -

BMCI Medical, a success story –

As part of the deployment of its ESG (Environment – Social – Governance) strategy, the BNP Paribas subsidiary launched, in partnership with Allianz, “BMCI Medical”, an innovative system unparalleled in the Moroccan banking landscape. Since 2015, it has been a success story. Presentation…

During the first edition of its forum on sustainable finance, organized on June 15 in Rabat, the BNP Paribas subsidiary unveiled an unprecedented device, which recognizes the contribution of BMCI to the development of health in the Kingdom. Its name is “BMCI Medical”. It is a bank within the bank, which is exclusively dedicated to healthcare professionals. Surfing on the three levers of health growth, put in place by the public authorities, namely the generalization of university hospitals, the entry into force of law 113-13 and the generalization of AMO, “BMCI Medical” brings together several professions and specialized experts to provide personalized advice and responses to healthcare professionals.

Many solutions
From leasing for equipment to insurance for peace of mind, through fast and specific financing for the different needs expressed, cash management (advice and support services with fast and effective solutions to optimize cash management ) and private banking services (design of personalized investment offers, analysis of legal and tax aspects, daily support, etc.), “BMCI Médical” leaves nothing to chance.

Since its establishment in 2015, the “bank of health professionals” has supported the creation of several health structures, with a more pronounced dynamic in recent years which has resulted in a higher market share in medical leasing to BMCI’s natural market share.

The financing concerned both the opening of new doctors’ offices and medical structures such as multidisciplinary clinics, radiology centers, nephrology centers, medical analysis laboratories, etc., set up following a merger of health professionals.

National coverage
The intervention of “BMCI Médical” also extends to cities with specific needs, meaning those that are currently classified on the list of medical deserts (Chichaoua, Chaouen, Dakhla, Benguerir, Inezgane, etc.).

It should be noted that in terms of insurance, “BMCI Medical” is also aimed at individuals. The system is based on the health offer distributed by BMCI, which is made up of two products, in particular Allianz Chifae and Chifae Monde. Launched in partnership with the insurance company Allianz, the Allianz Chifae offer is a local insurance based on several formulas with adapted ceilings of up to 200,000 dirhams.

For a contribution of 550 dirhams per person/year, customers benefit from cover on basic guarantees relating to hospital care, outpatient care, maternity, dental care, optics and funeral expenses.

With regard to Chifae Monde, it is an international health insurance also covering several formulas with adapted ceilings of up to 10 million dirhams. From 1244 dirhams per person/year, several basic and optional guarantees are covered.

More proximity with the opening of the House of the Pro
In short, the “BMCI Medical” system is so effective and well-oiled that Said Jabrane, BMCI Retail Banking Business Line Director, who presented it to the audience at the first edition of the Sustainable Finance Forum, did not did not hesitate to call it a success story. “BMCI Medical is a unique model.

Since 2015, the term I use is success-story. In terms of support, we have succeeded in the challenge of having a dedicated in-house team that manages to understand the issues and needs of doctors, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and all health professionals in general”, explained Jabrane. .

In any case, “BMCI Médical” has taken so well that this year it had a dedicated center of expertise in Casablanca. Called the Maison du Pro, this first structure opened in the Mâarif district, which will be duplicated in other Moroccan cities, demonstrates the BMCI Group’s desire to support its professional customers with all the professionalism and proximity required (see objectives below). .

Objectives of the Maisons du Pro

Centralize expertise and customer/prospect support at the level of a specialized center
Optimize access to financing for Pro and TPME
Ensure greater proximity with customers
Improve the quality of service.

Aziz Diouf / ECO Inspirations

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