Call for hotel tenders (ONDA): Risma and Atlas Hospitality neck and neck

Call for hotel tenders (ONDA): Risma and Atlas Hospitality neck and neck

After two years of crisis, the strong recovery in air traffic prompted ONDA to increase the hotel capacity of Morocco’s largest airport. An international call for tenders (n° 05/2022/CC), for the rental of bare land intended for the development of a hotel complex near the airport, has been launched for this purpose.

Two finalists to be decided by July

According to a reliable source, this tender closed on 1er last June attracted a dozen candidates wishing to design, build, finance, manage and operate a ‘hotel project’ which is part of the development program of the 2e section of the aeropole of Mohammed V airport.

Knowing that, according to the conditions of the specifications, the files having obtained a mark lower than 60 were rejected, the examination committee retained only the candidatures of the groups Atlas Hospitality and Risma for a last selection which should take place by July.

According to our source, no favorite seems to be emerging. But the fact that Atlas Hospitality already manages two hotels in the airport zone (The View and Relax hotel), while Risma does not have its own brand and is content to manage the assets of the Accor group, could constitute an advantage for the first in the final selection.

A new hotel complex while waiting for another in 2030

Property of ONDA, the land subject to the call for tenders, which extends over an area of ​​2.6 hectares, will be connected to the Terminal 2 car park by a pedestrian route, but also by road.

The development project for the 2e section of the aeropole includes four components, including a hotel zone, a commercial zone, a zone dedicated to professional real estate and new car parks.

The development plan for the hotel component will include three plots (P1, P2, P3) which will eventually accommodate three hotel projects, the first of which will cover 26,368 m².

It is only from 2030 that ONDA will launch another call for tenders to develop a second hotel complex at the level of the P2 & P3 plots of the hotel zone of the 2e slice of the aeropolis.

150 rooms in the airport area will be built in 2025

According to the terms of the call for tenders, the future hotel complex, which will have an elevation of 27 meters and a ground utilization coefficient of 60%, must have at least 150 rooms and suites, a business center for businessmen, a restaurant, a SPA, a swimming pool, car parking…

With an international standard of 3, 4 or 5 stars and a lease term of 40 years, the hotel must be contractually delivered 36 months after the date on which the premises are handed over for rental, i.e. by 2025. at the latest, after the final closing of the call for tenders scheduled for next July.

2 MDH of annual rent to which will be added a profit-sharing on the turnover

Free to eventually develop a larger hotel project of a higher standard, the finalist will have to pay an annual rent equivalent to 80 dirhams excluding taxes per square meter, i.e. 2.1 million dirhams per year from of the date of handover. 60% of the area will have to be built and 40% reserved for vehicle traffic lanes, car parks and, finally, adjoining green spaces.

The annual rent will be increased by 5% every three years. There will be added a guaranteed annual minimum in the form of a variable commercial fee on the turnover achieved by the successful bidder of:

– 3% from the start of operation until the end of the 5e year ;

– 5% of the 6e at the 10e year ;

– 8% of the 11e at the 20e year ;

– 12% of the 21e year to the 30e year ;

– 15% of the 31e at the 40e year.

Layout plan of the second section of the aeropole

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