Citroën Ami Buggy, Alpine A110… These limited series that are snapping up

Selling a limited edition vehicle no longer necessarily means that it is at the end of its career or that it is difficult to sell it. It is now a real fashion phenomenon that responds to ” a visceral consumer need for privilege and consideration according to Henri Kaufman and Laurence Faguer, authors of the book Le Marketing de l’ego. This marketing weapon, borrowed from the luxury sector, some generalist manufacturers are taking it up on their own. ” VShe type of process gives the product a new status confides to the Nouvel Economiste, Gilles Laurent, professor in the marketing department of the HEC school. ” Scarcity creates desire “, provided also that the product makes people dream. And if it evokes the past, then it has every chance of working Proof by three, with three examples that made the buzz in June.

34s to sell 99 Alpine A110

A110 GT J. Rédélé
The 99 copies of the Alpine A110 GT J.Rédélé sold out in 34 seconds!

At Alpine, the A110, which is already a great success, downright intoxicates the community when it appears in the form of a numbered production. Last May, it did not take more than a minute (34 s exactly) for the 99 copies of the edition paying homage to Jean Rédélé to find takers. The price of €83,500 has never been an obstacle for buyers ready to do anything to afford this symbolic model sporting an unprecedented body color. The other side of the coin: this enthusiasm around a model motivates some buyers to buy it only to achieve a financial tumble. As is the case with this recent J.Rédélé series, a copy of which is already on sale on Leboncoin.

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Alpine A110 Tour of Corsica 75
The Alpine A110 Tour de Corse 75 – launched ten days after the Rédélé – also quickly found takers.

Barely a few days later, the A Fléché brand returned the cover with a limited edition Tour de Corse 75. This yellow example with white and black stripes, although less versatile, also panicked the counters. All 150 units left in just over 30 minutes! If the themes of these collectors are particularly well chosen, evoking memories for all fans, buyers also know that the model will not be eternal. They want to offer themselves a piece of history before the book of thermal engine coupés closes definitively. From 2025, the Alpine will switch to 100% electric to the great displeasure of the “Mountaineers”!

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Citroën and its Friend Buggy

Citroen Ami Buggy
It took less than 18 minutes for Citroën to sell its Ami Buggies.

It is precisely with an electric model that Citroën is creating “the buzz”! His name: Friend. This quadricycle, a real darling of young people, has just been released in a buggy version in a nod to the concept presented at the start of 2022. The manufacturer has announced that only 50 copies of this modern-day “beach car” will be produced. Put on sale on June 21 at 12 p.m., the atypical model was already no longer available 17 minutes and 28 seconds later despite a much higher price than the basic model. ” Nearly 1,800 people have expressed their desire to buy this new exclusive version of Ami “says the manufacturer who certainly did not imagine such a craze.

Citroen Ami buggy ad elon musk
Citroën boasts in the press of having sold its Ami so quickly…

The dazzling success of this limited series is a strong signal of public interest in exclusive releases. concludes the brand, which has understood that a new offbeat version of the model would have every chance of selling like hotcakes. Moreover, Citroën boasts of this performance in a fun advertising campaign where it targets Elon Musk. One of the slogans announces: Sorry Elon, there’s at least one thing you can’t afford referring to the appetite of the American businessman for the takeover of companies (Twitter, in particular).


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