Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder.

Daniel Snyder to be subpoenaed for testimony? NFL hearing live updates

WASHINGTON — NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is testifying before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday as part of an investigation into the alleged toxic workplace environment within the Washington Commanders organization.

At the center of the investigation is team owner Dan Snyder, who has been accused of several different instances of inappropriate workplace conduct.

On Tuesday, details involving a 2009 sexual assault allegation against Snyder emerged in which a female employee accused Snyder of asking her for sex, groping her and attempting to remove her clothes on a private area of ​​one of the team’s planes while returning from a work trip to Las Vegas.

This will be at least the sixth time Goodell appears before a Congressional hearing, and his first since 2009. Snyder, through his attorney, declined to testify, indicating that he was out of the country because of a “longstanding Commanders-related business conflict. “

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Follow along for the latest updates from Wednesday’s hearing.

Goodell: ‘I do not recall’ Snyder disclosing 2009 sexual assault allegation

Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) posed pointed questions to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about a 2009 sexual assault allegation levied against Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder, the details of which came to light in the last week.

When asked if Snyder disclosed the incident, which the Washington Post reported was settled for $1.6 million for the victim to not come forward publicly, Goodell said: “I don’t recall” Snyder informing him or the league about it. According to the 2008 personal conduct policy, players, coaches and team executives were required to inform the NFL of allegations like these.

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