Deauville: at the Franciscans, meetings until the end of the year "to enjoy culturally"

Deauville: at the Franciscans, meetings until the end of the year “to enjoy culturally”

The cultural life of the Franciscans in Deauville has unveiled its cultural season for the next few months, until the end of December 2022. Overview. ©The Pays d’Auge

“Once we have passed the victory of the place, the challenge is to have content of a really good level”, announces Philippe Augiermayor of Deauville (Calvados). If after a little more than a year of existence, the place of cultural life of Franciscans which is approaching 200,000 visitors is well anchored in the territory and in the landscape, it now wants to continue in its approach of quality and diversity, to renew the interest of visitors.

Philippe Normand, cultural director of the Franciscaines, unveiled the abundant program that visitors will be able to discover in the coming months. Exhibitions, dances, singing or dancing conferences, concerts, literary or galloping meetings: more than 40 appointments are offered until the end of the year. “At the time of the cultural season at the casino theatre, we had 20 meetings a year”, remarks the cultural director, satisfied with this wealth of events offered in all disciplines. A program “listening to today’s creation” built around the exhibitions and the Universe of the Franciscans. “People are going to have something to enjoy culturally,” smiles the mayor.

Chain exhibitions

By the end of the year, visitors will be able to discover different exhibitions. Next to At the table with André Hamburg » already presented and visible until January 1, 2023, others are to be discovered very soon. Starting with the major temporary exhibition from July 2 to September 25 dedicated to the artist Kees Van Dongen titled Deauville fits me like a glove ». A phrase he repeated twice when asked about his presence in the seaside resort. “It was a way of remembering that the Dutchman he was was finding the lights of the beaches of his Holland”, specifies Philippe Normand. This exhibition will lead to many other events: a sung conference, a reading, a walk or even a grand white ball, August 26. “On August 13, 1932, Van Dongen had organized a grand ball in the ambassadors’ lounge, where the instruction was to come in white. We wanted to rediscover this madness”.

Other exhibitions are expected in the coming weeks: a first major collaboration with the European House of Photography (MEP) around “Portraits of great masters of photography” (July 9 to September 18), an exhibition “Sails: From Calm to Storm” with the Painting in Normandy Collection (from September 24 to January 1), Automaton of Denis Rouvrewhere “the actor becomes a photographer”, during the American film festival, or exhibitions of Contact boards.

Dance and theater

“At the Franciscans, we have the possibility of inviting dance in the Chapel, but also in the Cloister”, smiles Philippe Normand, revealing beautiful dance appointments. Thus, on September 30, the choreographer and dancer Margot Dorleans will present Incarnation. The same evening, we will discover “a formidable dancer and choreographer”, Leila Kawhich “has an incredible energy, all in restraint, in break, in impulse”.

Friday, November 4, meet with Dominique Boivin and Yan Raballand. “Dance has all the powers, it can be therapy, tell stories, take us into abstraction and sometimes it can tell us about lives. Dominique Boivin realizes that he is over sixty, that he no longer necessarily has the energy of a dancer but with his beautiful imagination he recounts his journey in a literary and choreographic way”.

On November 25, 2022, discovering Simone in an apartment.
On November 25, 2022, discovering Simone in an apartment. (© Kevin Louviot)

Finally, to end the year, after a show mixing humor and dance on December 8 with The Galets au Tilleul are smaller than in Le Havrewe will discover the choreographer Karine Saporta who imagines Living bodies for a still life December 28.

Videos: currently on Actu

On the theater side, we can attend the Good by Jean Genet on November 29, but also a show created in Lisieux on November 25. Entitled Simone asideit reveals the career of Simone Veil “and a magnificent lesson in life”.

successful writers

“The Books and Music Festival has the quality of bringing together a whole group of writers who live in this territory”. Among them, Belinda Cannon is invited on July 12 for a sung conference around tango with Céline Bischop. Over the next few months, we will meet Katherine Pancol, Danielle Breda-Louis or Arnaud Cathrinebut also Anne Goscinny and catel for an appointment around René Goscinny.

Living song

“Our desire is to revisit the history of song with today’s talents”, summarizes Philippe Normand. Thus, for the Franciscans, it is still an opportunity to create new appointments like that of August 25 around Jacques Canetti and summer tours of Three Donkeys who stopped over in Deauville every summer. “It is he who takes Brassens, Boris Vian or even Raymond Devos to Deauville, smiles the cultural director. During an evening with her daughter Françoise Canetti, the young singer Léopoldine HH will take up this repertoire with incredible energy and fantasy”. Another unprecedented meeting, on September 24, with a musical show around the crazy years of Club R-26 with Norman Barreau-Gely. “He found that in Montmartre, there was an apartment transformed into a cabaret where Joséphine Baker, Sonia Delaunay, Le Corbusier or even Django Reinhardt came”.

But also…

A conference by demographer Hervé Le Bras, an encounter on Suzy Solidor with Charlotte Duthoo, the return of Dabadie or The things of our lives, Nureyev seen by Ariane Dollfus, memories of the American film festival by Philippe Labro, concert by Michel Portal and Bojan Z, two days with Sarah Moon, a show that combines film-concert, circus and magic…

Partnerships for great encounters

Since its opening, the Franciscans has forged various partnerships for very specific projects. This is the case, for example, of the format “Les Franciscaines se souviens” for which the living space has joined forces with the Association of Friends of the Trouville Museum “which allows you to be connected to all these local historians who are passionate about their territory “. On September 15, a conference on the Deauville markets will be given by Lionel Duhault.

A new partnership has been forged with the Pôle international du Cheval for “Les Franciscaines au galop”. On July 10, Deauville jockeys Coralie Pacaud and Théo Bachelot will be at Les Franciscaines to talk about their job and their passion. Then, on July 22, Loïc de la Porte du Theil, who was for a long time the head squire of the Cadre Noir de Saumur, will be invited. Finally, on October 2, Thierry Lhermitte, rider since childhood, will talk about his passion for ethology, “a form of training that listens to animal behavior”.


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