Digital transformation.  Brahim Sbaï: “We consider that the contribution of the entire digital ecosystem is necessary”

Digital transformation. Brahim Sbaï: “We consider that the contribution of the entire digital ecosystem is necessary”

Brahim Sbai
Central B to B Director.

Much progress has been made in digital transformation. And the country does not intend to stop on such a good path. To add its stone to the building, Orange Morocco has joined forces with Huawei through a partnership agreement aimed at supporting this national dynamic. Brahim Sbai, B to B central director of Orange Morocco, takes stock.

How do you judge the digital transformation in Morocco?
The pandemic has taught us that digital is essential for the resilience of organizations, public and private, so that they are able to face difficult situations and absorb shocks, so that they are agile… But beyond this As an aspect of resilience, digital is an extraordinary tool for development, at the national level, where the digital economy is an essential lever for growth, but also at the level of each organization, small or large. The digital gives him powers and capacities allowing him to perform, to succeed…

What is the perspective of the partnership with Huawei?
Orange Morocco and Huawei Morocco have signed a double agreement aimed at supporting the dynamics of digital transformation in the Kingdom. By joining forces, the two operators are committed to supporting Moroccan companies in their digital transitions. The first partnership concerns the area of ​​training.

Concretely, the two partners undertake to strengthen the skills of talents, in favor of Moroccan companies, in very specialized technical fields such as the Cloud, Big data and Artificial Intelligence. The second agreement concerns the development of innovative ICT solutions at the service of national companies. This mainly involves supporting SMEs, public administrations and large companies in their innovation initiatives, by identifying their particular needs and developing appropriate business solutions.

What about your expectations?
We are aware that progress is never the work of a single player, which is why we consider that the contribution of the entire digital ecosystem is necessary. Initiatives aimed at federating and developing this ecosystem must continue and further boost the development of skills and the growth of startups.

In your opinion, how could the legal framework improve the digital environment?
Much progress has been made from this point of view in Morocco with several laws including, in particular, law 09-08 governing the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and law 05-20 relating cybersecurity, aimed at strengthening the security and resilience of the information systems (IS) of any administration or organization with sensitive IS. This legal framework makes it possible to calmly approach and encourage digitization procedures without risk for citizens, companies or administrations.

We talk a lot about digital resilience. Concretely, what are the mechanisms, apart from the legal arsenal, non-existent for the moment, to establish digital sovereignty?
The main issue of digital sovereignty is the control of the most sensitive data, whether it is the private data of users or other types of data that are sensitive or confidential. This control is de facto called into question when this data is hosted by foreign players, themselves subject to the regulations of other countries.

This is why the legal framework specifies which sensitive data must be hosted locally without the risk of being subject to external controls. Fortunately, today there is a local offer of Data center and Cloud infrastructures which makes it possible to ensure both the resilience and the sovereignty of sensitive data (via back-up and disaster recovery mechanisms) without having to resort to foreign actors.

How does Orange Morocco intend to position itself on the digital chessboard?
Orange Morocco is a multi-service operator that implements state-of-the-art solutions, products and services to support its customers. We have the necessary skills, and we are developing a complete ecosystem, with our partners, in the traditional operator businesses but also in ICT, such as hosting in data centers, the cloud or even cybersecurity.

Orange Morocco is therefore a player of choice, a partner and support for all organizations wishing to start, accelerate or perfect their digital transformation, to provide them with advice, expertise and support.

Maryam Ouazani / ECO Inspirations

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