Dorian from “Don’t forget the lyrics” in concert at the Oppidum de Champagnole

Dorian. (©DR)

Violaine, Elodie, Dorian, Valentin, Xam… emblematic candidates from TV shows like Don’t forget the Lyrics, The Artist or The Voice have decided to unite to propose a charity concert series in aid of ARTC (brain tumor research association).

On stage, eight (or maybe nine) artists will take over the greatest French and international hits from the 50s to today in a family and rhythmic show.

For the occasion we exchanged with Dorian, from “Don’t forget the lyrics”, present on the stage of the Oppidum on July 28.

News: What was your background before this tour?

Dorian: In November 2016, I participated in “Don’t forget the lyrics”. I was entered behind my back but found myself winning several shows and finishing 8th in the maestros. I then did the special bonuses with other candidates from the show, links were made and that’s how we decided to put on the first charity concerts.

What made you want to take part in the “Songs full head” tour?

D: Even if we have been publicized, we are not able to play every day and fill large rooms individually. We have to be united to have an audience with whom to share our passion. I like the idea of ​​being able to sing in rooms which, I hope, will be very full and make it all useful by supporting an important cause. The concerts are not expensive, we are there for fun and we support an association that is close to our hearts, that’s what I call a virtuous circle.

What’s it like going from TV to the stage?

D: I was already on stage before television, but in my case television was a prism that gave me the chance to meet people and to have people who follow me on the networks. Today it is thanks to this that I can go on stage all over France and have 100 or 200 people in the audience. I’m still very touched by the fact that people didn’t just have to press a button, they bought the tickets, they made the choice to come. There’s something very pleasant about television, there’s a trickle if you’re wrong, but it’s not comparable to a room that claps your hands.

A memorable memory on stage?

D: I’m always very upset when people spontaneously finally stand up and applaud. The first few times I thought they were standing up to leave me. But no, they are happy and thank us when we should be thanking them.

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Full price: €12 / Reduced price €9. Reservation open at the Tourist Office: 03 84 52 43 67

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