E-commerce: more than a growth driver for Electroplanet

E-commerce: more than a growth driver for Electroplanet

E-commerce has enabled Electroplanet to confirm its position in the household appliance equipment sector. In addition to the continuous development of its website, with the aim of guaranteeing visitors a good browsing and purchasing experience, the household appliance specialist will soon launch its mobile application.

It was in 2018, and well before the health crisis, that Electroplanet took the digital turn by creating its website www.electroplanet.ma. Since then, the national operator has embarked on a strategic shift in continuous growth in terms of online sales of household appliances and high-tech products.

“E-commerce has allowed us above all to confirm our positioning as a specialist in household appliance equipment in Morocco, which has been accentuated during confinement or the only way to equip yourself is to buy online and be delivered. at home”, says Hakim Mataich, general manager of Electroplanet.

Today, the household appliance specialist offers the widest choice of high-tech products in Morocco available online, with more than 3,000 cutting-edge references and more than 60 different brands.

TV, Hifi and Multimedia…, Electroplanet announces that it holds no less than 30% market share in the segment (figure stopped at the end of October 2021), with more than 2 million units sold. The group’s turnover is prancing at 1.8 billion dirhams, with an annual increase of 13% on a consolidated basis. What contributes more to this dynamic is the brand’s anchoring in an e-commerce oriented logic. Hakim Mataich assures that “in 2021 the weight of e-commerce turnover is 1% of the brand’s overall turnover. This weight is likely to increase with the expansion of our catalog and also the very soon launch of our mobile application”.

Note in this sense that the site is still in the notoriety phase and the market is not yet mature. That said, the e-commerce site also serves as a documentation support for Moroccan consumers before heading to the store to finalize their purchasing process. The products marketed online are offered at the best prices according to the management of the national player, with promotions and offers throughout the year, in addition to a system of free delivery and installation of the items purchased.

Thus, the customer will be able to take advantage of the delivery service within 24 hours, but also of the installation from A to Z of all the products that he buys from Electroplanet, in addition to the plumbing and electrical work relating thereto. Quality after-sales service (SAV) is also 100% guaranteed, with an extended product warranty that can go up to 5 years. In addition, “the online sales channel also gives us the possibility of serving MREs who wish to buy products from their country of residence and have them delivered to Morocco for their homes or those of their families”, says Mataich.

The successful digital shift
Today, the company has largely succeeded in apprehending the digital shift. Focusing its presence in the Kingdom on an omnichannel model based on its physical stores and its merchant site, Electroplanet takes advantage of the best of these two sales channels to provide an immersive, efficient and intelligent experience. This omnichannel retail system is entirely humanized since it highlights the spirit of the store on the web. However, Electroplanet continues to capitalize on the expertise of its salespeople “by placing them at the heart of the digital customer experience, with the aim of building an even more personalized relationship of trust with consumers via this new channel. “, notes the general manager of Electroplanet.

In order to further assert its positioning on the e-commerce market, Electroplanet ensures the continuous development of its website, with the aim of guaranteeing visitors a good browsing and shopping experience as well. In addition, very soon, the household appliance specialist will launch its mobile application, which will further facilitate online shopping and personalized navigation. As for new openings, after the launch of Full e-commerce at the end of 2019, Electroplanet opened 11 stores. Its opening plan continues at the rate of 5 openings per year. Thus, in addition to the stores opened at the start of the year, namely the Settat, Tanger Iberia and Meknes Hamria stores, the household appliance specialist plans to launch three stores in Casablanca.

Hakim Mataich

CEO of Electroplanet

“The Moroccan household is in full equipment of its home, thanks to new categories of products which respond to the new way of life, especially robotic products, and this, since confinement. This also concerns product categories where the market is mature. The main insight we have learned today is that the e-commerce site above all represents a good showcase for the brand to show the strength of the offer and the depth of the range. And it is also a platform that displays prices transparently for the end consumer. The e-commerce platform has also allowed us to sell sub-categories of products where we were not a destination a few years ago, such as accessories and household items”.

Sanae Raqui / ECO Inspirations

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