Estelle, the very first winner of the 12 noon shots, makes rare confidences!

Estelle, the very first winner of the 12 noon shots, makes rare confidences!

On June 28, 2010, Is she trod the starry ground of the plateau des 12 noon shots. At 19, this preparatory student, nestled on high heels, jumped for joy when she became the very first Midday Master announced by Jean-Luc Reichmann. 12 years later, the young woman inaugurated, on this Sunday, June 26, 2022, The Battle of the Masters, the TF1 Game Masters this year bringing together 56 more or less emblematic candidates for two weeks. After a first broadcast, Timothy the farmer qualified for the semi-final broadcast in prime time next Saturday against Lucas, Julien and therefore Estelle. Proud of her career, the latter looks back on this competition and gives her opinion on the evolution of the game. : what has become of you since your last appearance on the show?

Is she : I am now 31 years old and work in the beauty industry in Paris after a few years spent in Parisian department stores. But with the pandemic, we had to bounce back.

The battle of the masters is a first for you! Why did you accept the invitation this year?

The production had already symbolically called me back for 10 years, but I was in the audience. It is above all a question of availability. Previously, I was not necessarily available. But if I am offered, I come. I love the atmosphere, it’s a little bubble out of time filled with sympathy and benevolence. It always feels good to be invited to this kind of event. I’m happy to have really discovered what a battle of the masters is.

How did you approach your return to the set?

I just wanted to not be ridiculous. I went on the show a long time ago, I’m not necessarily immersed in an environment very focused on general culture… Even if I’m far from being stupid, facing champions like xavier Where BrunoI just don’t want to pass for the rest of the group (laughs). But in the end, it was a great experience, we had a lot of fun.

Have you reopened old prep notebooks to prepare to face these greatest champions?

Absolutely not ! When I heard that some had revised, I was surprised. I went there for talent as for the baccalaureate (laughs).

Among the candidates present, did you know any of them personally?

I knew Fabrice and Emily with whom I had already had a good discussion when I returned two years ago. This year it was a little more complicated to exchange, if only in the stands, because we were more than 50 with the public and we chained the shootings.

On set, how did you feel?

As soon as I arrived, I had a little pressure because I didn’t know my running order, like all the other candidates. But it went well! I was with people I didn’t know, but were quite comfortable answering questions. Having a good culture in certain areas, my fear was to be ignorant or completely lost on topics that I do not know at all. And you saw it, it didn’t miss me on a question turned to the cinema…

You are one of the eliminated in the first round against Timothée…

At the same time, weren’t we expecting it a bit? Facing him, we were all “less champion” midday masters in the sense that we have fewer shows on the clock than Timothée. Honestly, I expected him to win, I had little suspense about the outcome of the game.

Would you still like to go further?

Of course, but I did not come with an ambition. I believe that the more expectations you create, the greater the risk of being disappointed. Above all, I wanted to have fun and give the best of myself.

What memories do you have of your participation in the 12 strokes of noon ?

As the years go by, the memories I keep also evolve. It’s a sweet nostalgia because I was 19, I had just entered preparatory class. When I see the images again, I am very nostalgic, I find myself ridiculous too (laughs), but I had so much less to worry about at that age. It’s a great memory!

How do you view the evolution of the game?

At the time, there was a fairy in place of Zette and the famous “bye“. The game has changed a lot and it seems logical. It’s simpler, there are fewer unnecessary little details, like in the very first show I participated in. It goes more to the point and I finds it very modern in terms of themes compared to others.

Was the level the same as twelve years ago?

I find it to be higher. Especially in terms of questions, but so much the better. There are so many daily games so for the little that a fan of TV games participates in 12 strokes, after a while, he will understand gymnastics. There are always new questions that surprise. If I was able to win the first show, it’s because there were general knowledge questions, I didn’t have an ultra-sharp general culture. So if I, a young student who has just had the BAC becomes Maître de midi, it is because these questions were not super complicated. Whereas today when I see the questions about the 15th century king of Italy, guys, there I can’t answer them (laughs) !

At the time, you had won 100 euros. Could you have imagined yourself a millionaire like Bruno became last year?

Frankly, never! I am pragmatic and do not dream of the inaccessible. When an opportunity like this presents itself, I tell myself that it should be taken as a boost in life, but not in the perspective of changing it. At the time, I didn’t sign up for the money and I won’t now either. I was looking for the experience above all.

From now on, will you make yourself less rare in TV games?

If I’m invited again and I’m available, I’ll gladly come back to this set, it’s always a moment of joy. Afterwards, I don’t have time to do other TV games because you have to be available for a whole day, sometimes several days. I can’t see myself asking for days off for that, knowing that I don’t have many (laughs). I had a very happy experience twelve years ago, but I don’t run after filming.

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