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Faced with the flight of subscribers, Netflix plans to change the pace of broadcast of hit series

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“Binger”. For five years, and the arrival of netflix, this Anglicism has imposed itself in France. We even talk about “binge-watching” which is the action of watching a television series all at once. No more TV series where you have to wait a week to find out what happens next. With Netflix, the bravest and most frantic can watch a season complete in one day…

However, today, Netflix is ​​considering abandoning what made it successful: putting entire series online, all at once. Why ? Quite simply because the most famous video-on-demand platform lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, and it had never happened to him in ten years. Internally, we even anticipate a loss of … two million subscribers in the second quarter!

Unsubscribe when a series is over?

For specialists, and alongside increasingly aggressive competition, a catalog that is struggling to renew itself and rising prices, the phenomenon of “binge-watching” is one of the main causes of these unsubscriptions. . Each time a flagship series is released, we subscribe and then, once it has been watched, we unsubscribe. Logical since it is a non-binding offer. ” With Netflix, it’s very easy to sign up for three to six months and then leave for three to six months, remember Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush. Once Stranger Things is finished and ozark it’s over, what do we do now? »

At the house of Disney+competitor of Netflix, the opposite strategy was adopted, and we chose to imitate HBO, which kept the whole planet spellbound for almost 10 years with Game Of Thrones, broadcast in dribs and drabs, one episode a week. What will Netflix do in the face of competition and declining numbers? A first clue with the flagship series Stranger ThingsBetter Call Saul and ozark. The first, which broke all audience records, was broadcast all at once, with the exception of the last two episodes, which can only be watched from 1er July. The other two were actually released in two parts, several weeks apart. For example, three months will pass between the first episodes of Better Call Sauland the second part.

A broadcast in several parts

Should we see there the premises of a change of strategy? ” What we found out is that fans kinda like both “Explained co-CEO Ted Sarandos when the results were announced in April. For him, you have to be able to satisfy fans of “binge watching” as well as those who prefer to maintain the suspense, week after week.

Like Amazon or Canal+with its series The Flame and the TorchNetflix could cut the Pear in two, and propose a splitting of a series with two or three episodes per week. For a series in 12 episodes, it can last a month or more, and the platform already offers it. In 2020, the diffusion of The Last Dance had been a hit, yet with only two episodes per week.

An option that also works in France, since the reality series New school is at the top of the most watched series. In front of all the American series, including Stranger Things. Netflix has split airing the first eight episodes, with the finale airing later.

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