Feria d'Istres: Adrien Salenc - El Rafi, the triumphant youth of Nîmes

Feria d’Istres: Adrien Salenc – El Rafi, the triumphant youth of Nîmes

During the third bullfight of the feria d’Istres, the two matadors from Nîmes each cut off three ears facing bulls from Fernay. A slightly excessive harvest, however.

Three ears for Adrien Salenc, as much for El Rafi: the youth of Nîmes came out of the arenas of Istres in triumph, this Sunday at midday when the third bullfight of the feria therefore offered a mano a mano Nîmes against the bulls of Fernay .

The generosity of the palco

Let’s not sulk our pleasure. Let’s admit, however, that faced with small and moderately presented bulls, the palco was a bit generous on this hot morning.
For the first bullfight of his season, Adrien Salenc (ear, salutes and two ears) nevertheless scored points and perhaps decided, who knows, some local companies to give him an opportunity.

Salenc’s commitment

The adopted Madrilenian, however, did not inherit the best customers. The first, which tended to come inside, was demanding. Adrien Salenc served him a technical faena completed by daring manoletinas. He was rightfully rewarded with an ear.

Faced with a second opponent lacking in charge, Salenc went into battle to snatch meritorious series on the left mainly.

During his last fight, the toro de Fernay did not have much to offer. But all he had to give, the Nîmes went to get it with envy and a big heart like that. His first series started on his knees was concluded with a change of school hand. The sword stroke was very committed.

El Rafi initially shy

El Rafi (ear, silence and two ears) now. The young matador timidly started this mano a mano in front of his friend. We will remember from his first fight a quite by zapopinas always spectacular. The essentially right-handed faena lacked transmission against a toro, it is true, without race. She was nevertheless rewarded with an ear that was mysterious to say the least.

Faced with his second opponent who did not present any particular difficulties, El Rafi never managed to find the site.

He had saved the best for last, inheriting the best toro of this race. Undoubtedly stung by the triumph that awaited Salenc, El Rafi, after having laid down the banners himself (as Salenc had done before his last fight), began his faena on his knees, with conviction and alegria. If he found the right attitude to chain the series, the fight however decreased in intensity. But the two ears granted by a presidency which clearly did not want to decide between the two bullfighters allowed him to leave the arenas, too, perched on the shoulders of young admirers.

Arena of the Palio in Istres. Mano a mano. Six toros de Fernay (502 kg, 495 kg, 505 kg, 475 kg, 495 kg, 480 kg).
Adrien Salenc: ear, greetings after advice, two ears.
El Rafi: ear, silence, two ears.

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