Fifth.  The Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in Auteuil this Sunday, May 22, 2022. – Angers Info

Fifth. The Summer Handicap in Saint Cloud this Tuesday, June 21, 2022. – Angers Info

The Summer Handicap in Saint Cloud this Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

Direction Saint Cloud this Tuesday, June 21, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Summer Handicap will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 1600 meters, and endowed with 50,000€.

In this test, The Lawyer (7) saw his situation on the scale of values ​​particularly deteriorate. After a comeback race as late as it is discreet, it returns to the handicaps on Tuesday while having to prove its competitiveness in 38 of value. Central Park West (9) quickly revealed the means and a certain competitiveness in the handicaps. After a fruitful and busy 2021 season, he enjoyed a legitimate break this winter; He has since struggled to regain his best feelings. This lover of good terrain has indeed been less sharp lately. Tantpispoureux (10) has just shown us that he was close to a victory. In 36.5 of value, it can impose itself as much as it will be associated with Christophe Soumillon and that it will find a racecourse where it excels. Logically, he will rally many votes. Falvio (12) is a Polish element that we have come to know on our soil this season. After an encouraging first outing in a race with conditions, his entourage steered him towards listed races. He has shown his current limits at this level. He goes down category on Tuesday and discovers the level of handicaps with all the unknowns that this entails.

Geny’s secrets

Peter Schiergen: Principle (1) is very regular. Here, it is a first handicap but it is quite good for the value attributed to it. Moreover, the state of the ground is indifferent to him. I am confident for a good performance.

Jerome Reynier: Marrakech Moon (2) has only progressed since wearing blinders. His last success was just as pleasant as when he won at Saint-Cloud. He remained in very good condition and although it is complicated in terms of weight, I believe he is capable of finishing at the finish. For success, everything will have to go well.

Carmen Bocksai: Darshano (3) performed very well in Germany but the field is tougher here and I don’t think he’s back to 100% yet. So, it’s really not easy under 60.5 kg. However, he gives his maximum all the time and is confirmed at Saint-Cloud at this level. It is possible that it will take up a place but it is not certain. If it rains, that would be an advantage.

Jerome Reynier: Tornadic (5) remains on two clear successes which earned him to be significantly increased on the scale of values. This time, we find ourselves in a fifth against the elders but currently, I find him in very good shape and I would not be surprised to see him achieve a good performance. This race will guide me for the rest of his commitments.

Miss Sibylle Vogt: Quello (6) had bad luck last time out. Here the distance is a bit short but there are no other races. I would prefer soft ground for him. He may take some money but Principe has a better chance.

Igor Endaltsev: The Yenisei (8) is in fine form at work and performed well on his penultimate attempt. Soft ground would be ideal. We’ll see if he can rehabilitate himself. Know that it is a wait-and-see who makes the straight line.

Mrs. Jane Soubagne: Trobreizh (11) could not express himself recently at ParisLongchamp where his jockey seemed to have a lot of resources. We return to Saint-Cloud with the intention of doing well, especially as its form still seems good to me. Now, it will be necessary to benefit from a good running of the race…

David Smaga: El Manifico (13) is a competitor that needs no introduction at this level. Moreover, it remains on a very good outing in a similar field. This commitment is a logical continuation in his program especially as his good condition is still relevant. On its way, a new good behavior is expected.

Gavin Hernon: Falcon Run (14) won me over for its comeback. I find it in good shape, competitive at this value and with a good trip, it should be able to participate actively at the finish. Know that a well relaxed track would be to his advantage.

Gilles Barbarin: Letty’s Marvel (15) was due to race on Sunday at Saint Malo but it’s more exciting to present him at the start of the first event of this split handicap. It is in good shape, confirmed in this category and the lot is nothing exceptional. Aude Duporté cannot raise it to 52.5 kg but it is not complicated.

Sascha Smrczek: Jack O’boy (16) ran very well during his last performance in Germany. It is in good shape in the morning and taken at a value that can allow it to do well. With a small weight on its back, it is not uninteresting.

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