from "No Time To Die" to "Blonde", itinerary of a femme fatale

from “No Time To Die” to “Blonde”, itinerary of a femme fatale

With her blonde curls on director Andrew Dominik’s black and white film, only Marylin Monroe is seen. Ana de Armas clearly has chameleon talents. Nothing surprising for the rising star of Hollywood. The 34-year-old Cuban-Spanish actress like to surprise. Sexy? Undoubtedly, but not only. Poisonous? If necessary, but she is capable of self-mockery. His career choices show great determination and his face should quickly appear on more and more posters.

The general international public discovered his face and his talent in the skin of Palomaa young rookie spy (at least that’s what lele wants you to believe) in the latest james bond with Daniel Craig: No Time To Die (Dying can wait). In just a few scenes, she became the little phenomenon of this film. Efficient, funny, deceptively naive, disarming and well-armed… In a few minutes, the charm worked.

This is not the first time that the actress has crossed the azure gaze of Daniel Craig. They had already shared the poster of Knives Out (At daggers drawn), gigantic part of Cluedo ultra-saturated and sip of stars (Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette…) released in 2019. This film allowed him to win his first nomination for a Golden World. Before that, it was Denis Villeneuve who offered him his first major appearance in a Hollywood blockbuster in blade runner 2049 where she plays Ryan Gosling’s artificial, holographic girlfriend.

Tomorrow she will be the absolute icon Marylin Monroe in the movie Blonde hair by Andrew Dominik who adapts the biography of Joyce Carol Oates. The project is old and Jessica Chastain had been approached to play Marylin in the mid-2010s, but it was finally Ana de Armas who landed the role. And what a role! It would not be surprising to find this film (if it is of quality) in the shortlist for the Oscars. To be sure, the public will be able to discover his performance on Netflix at the end of September.

A huge determination

Ana de Marams’ career began very early, first in a Cuban-Spanish production A rosa from France in 2006. Ana Celia de Armas Caso played Marie in this romantic 1950s adventure. Her clear eyes wreak havoc and she met her Spanish agent during the film’s promotional tour. At 18, she got her first major recurring role in a Spanish series: El Internado (The boarding school). She plays Carolina, a high school girl who moves through a whirlwind of melodramatic teenage stories for six seasons, between 2007 and 2010.

Feeling that she was starting to be offered somewhat cliché roles based on her age and appearance, Ana de Armas asked to leave the show in order to broaden her horizons. She learns English in New York, continues to play a few roles here and there in the Hispanic world but is picking up the pace with his new American agent. If her English is still uncertain, she persists in playing with Keanu Reeves in Knock-Knock. For this psychological horror film which did not have great repercussions, she learned her text entirely phonetically. We find it in films like War Dogs Where Hands of Stone and, even if she does not play the main roles, she catches the eye of certain American critics who praise her charisma. Then, blade runner arrived.

Many more or less important films will follow where, each time, the actress seems to burst the screen and offer her roles much more than what the scenario could let imagine. In The Informer, she plays Joel Kinnaman’s wife. We find it in The Night Clerk where it seems, for the critics, much superior to the totality of the production. She also plays in another biopic for Netflix in 2020, Sergio or in Wasp Network by Olivier Assayas, still on the same platform. In 2022, we were also able to meet her against Ben Affleck in Deep Water. A psychological thriller in which they played a couple who try to escape divorce with a very particular agreement. After the shooting of this film, the two actors have also formed a ephemeral couple in 2020.

Premier role

In the future, on the strength of its much appreciated performance in the saga james bond, we thought of her to finally become a full-fledged heroine. According to our colleagues from the magazine The Hollywood Reporter, the actress is in negotiations to play the leading role of Ballerinaa spin-off of the saga John Wick. The famous franchise with Keanu Reeves now wants to put the spotlight on a female assassin.

The project Ballerina will be supervised by Len Wiseman (Die Hard 4, Underworld) to the production and screenwriter of John Wick 3, Shay Hatten. The saga John Wick should expand its universe with a 4th installment of the main franchise but also a mini-series on the Hotel Continental which serves, in the mythology of the franchise, as a sanctuary for assassins around the world…

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