FTTH Conference 2022: optical fiber present in force

FTTH Conference 2022: optical fiber present in force

ZTE E2E fiber optic solutions were presented at the FTTH 2022 conference, held in Vienna. The operator also exhibited its latest innovations in the field. Details.

ZTE Corporation, the international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile Internet, participated in the FTTH 2022 conference in Vienna, Austria. The conference brought together fiber optic decision makers, thought leaders, business executives and investors, as well as operators and equipment suppliers from around the world, to share their experiences and knowledge. on building FTTH networks, with the aim of jointly exploring FTTH development roadmaps and opportunities, in the era of 5G.

During this conference, ZTE analyzed a number of issues that concern European customers regarding the deployment of the FTTx network, and presented its solutions. Additionally, the company unveiled the world’s first 50G PON+ Wi-Fi 7 prototype ONU, demonstrating its continued leadership in the FTTx field.

Answer to the problem costs
In response to the high cost of ODN construction in Europe, ZTE introduced the pre-terminated ODN solution and Light PON solution, which can effectively solve the problems of high labor cost and the difficulty of fiber construction. optics and service access.

Optical network operation and maintenance solutions, such as fiber monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of weak optical fibers, were also presented. These can effectively improve operator efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and increase customer satisfaction. To improve the coverage of Wi-Fi signals inside the home and optimize the customer experience, ZTE introduced its innovative Mesh+ solution, which can solve the problem of Wi-Fi coverage through several technical approaches such as backhaul wired and wireless backhaul.

The FTTR solution extends the coverage of the FTTx network from “Fiber to the home” to “Fiber to the room”. This solution has been applied on a large scale by operators such as China Mobile and China Telecom. In addition, the great video solution presented by ZTE shows how to help operators strengthen their video service capacity and operational capacity. ZTE’s in-house set-top boxes (STBs) use multiple green models and technologies such as 4K, Wi-Fi 6, Android TV to enhance customer experience.

The Pro Camera,efficient
ZTE’s next-generation AI cloud home care video “Camera Pro” application, using device-cloud collaboration technology, won the Glomo best connected consumer equipment award at MWC 2022, in Barcelona. By deploying massive AI applications on the cloud, users can download them as needed and flexibly realize multiple functions through one camera, providing them with better experiences.

Additionally, ZTE showcased equipment based on open platforms such as OpenWRT and RDK-B. In 2021, ZTE ranked first in PON ONT shipments, first in CPE (PON/DSL CPE) shipments. It was also ranked second for 10G PON shipments and for OLT shipments. (Source: Dell’Oro Group “Quarterly report on broadband access and home networks”).

As of today, ZTE’s products and services have been deployed in more than 160 countries. In the future, the group will remain committed to technical innovations. Together with industry partners, ZTE will meet customers’ key requirements by providing the best broadband connections.

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