Fuel: new price increase this Wednesday, June 29

Fuel: new price increase this Wednesday, June 29

Over the fortnight, the average of the theoretical increase in the price of a liter of diesel, taking into account international prices, was to be more than one dirham, thus exceeding 16 DH.

This Wednesday, June 29, according to the statement made by Médias24 on service stations (El Jadida-Casablanca road), all operators made a first increase, on average 0.35 DH on the price of diesel. Total increased by 1.31 DH to align with other operators.

The price of a liter of diesel today peaks between 15.96 and 15.99 DH… at one cent of 16 DH. At this stage, we do not know if the operators will limit themselves to this increase or operate new increases over the next few days.

Note also that the theoretical average drop on a liter of gasoline, which was to be around 0.70 DH, has not been made. All operators, except Total, kept their gasoline prices unchanged. Total increased its tariff by 0.95 DH and aligned itself with its competitors. A liter of gasoline remains at 17.77 DH.

Prices therefore continue to climb, but no one can know when this increase will slow down, or when the trend will reverse to return to pre-crisis levels.

Remember that barely six months ago, a liter of diesel did not exceed 10 DH. It was an event that he crossed this psychological threshold. Today, the increase that could be recorded over a year takes place almost over a fortnight.

A tense context in which the most feared scenario of a liter of fuel at 20 DH is approaching visibly. Meanwhile, the government prefers to look elsewhere and announces a 40% increase in the monthly aid granted to carriers.

No explanation, no detailed communication on the subject, the perspectives, the possible scenarios, or even on the measures to be applied in the event that the situation worsens.

Leila Benali, Minister for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, will speak on this issue on the evening of this Wednesday, June 29, in the program Press confidences on 2M. Let’s hope that it will provide clear and precise answers to citizens.

Here is the price statement made this Wednesday, June 29 and the comparison:

PRICE IN DIRHAMS June 1st June 13 June 15 June 29 INCREASE over the fortnight INCREASE over one month
Shell 14.06 14.68 15.63 15.97 0.34 1.91
Petrom 14.55 14.60 15.62 15.96 0.34 1.41
Total 14.58 14.68 14.68 15.99 1.31 1.41
Africa 13.95 14.55 15.61 15.97 0.36 2.02
Winxo 14.55 14.65 15.60 15.96 0.36 1.41
DIRHAMS June 1st June 13 June 15 June 29 INCREASE over the fortnight INCREASE over one month
Shell 16.23 16.83 17.78 17.78 1.55
Petrom 15.42 16.78 17.76 17.76 2.34
Total 15.43 16.83 16.83 17.78 0.95 2.35
Africa 16.14 16.74 17.76 17.76 1.62
Winxo 15.39 16.79 17.75 17.75 2.36


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