Gaming and E-Sport market: a promising niche to invest in

Gaming and E-Sport market: a promising niche to invest in

PwC has just published the 23rd edition of its Global Entertainment & Media Outlook. It shows that the gaming and e-sport market has a bright future and that Morocco should devote substantial investments to it.

324 billion dollars! This is the turnover that the gaming and e-sports industry should generate by 2026, announces the 23rd edition of the Global Entertainment & Media Outlook, a study by PWC which presents the global outlook for entertainment and media over the period 2022-2026. Driven by virtual reality, the use of which is on the rise, the sector should continue to grow, despite disruptions in public health, supply chains and geopolitics, which have heightened uncertainties in recent years.

One thing is clear from data and forecasts: the vast E&M complex is growing faster than the global economy as a whole. Every year, more and more people around the world devote more of their time, attention and money to the complex and increasingly immersive E&M experiences available to them.

In Morocco, inwi is one of the most invested telecom operators in the field, even going so far as to organize tournaments and amateur competitions.

Note that the national gaming market weighs around 1.2 billion dirhams. In light of this, PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media (E&M) Outlook provides a reliable and comparable source of consumer and advertiser spending data and analysis.

Indeed, understanding where consumers and advertisers spend their money in the entertainment and media industry can help inform many important business decisions. Updated annually, the online tool lets you browse, compare and contrast spending and growth rates.

“Amidst all this unpredictability, the overall market trends and forces driving growth are clearer, and there is a better understanding of the fault lines and fractures that are changing the entertainment and media landscape,” the company said. research that projects five-year consumer and advertiser spending data across 14 segments and 52 territories.

In 2021, the E&M sector rebounded from the contraction of 2020 to return to growth, with revenues up sharply (+10.4%). 2021 has been a year of uncertainty in public health, supply chains and geopolitics. But amidst all of this disruption, overall entertainment and media (E&M) market trends remain stable.

But “the stability of overall growth masks an underlying volatility”, underlines the study which explains that “the pandemic has certainly accelerated changes in consumer behavior and digital adoption in a way that affects the trajectories of future growth, but the gaming industry is one that will continue to grow.

These niche sectors will fight their way to prominence, while others, once dominant, will see their competitive position eroded.

Modeste Kouamé / ECO Inspirations

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