HCP : Les chefs d’entreprises optimistes pour le 2ème trimestre 2022

HCP: Business leaders optimistic for the 2nd quarter of 2022

Non-financial market services

Business owners in the non-financial market services sector remain confident. According to the results of the latest quarterly business surveys conducted by the High Commission for Planning, 40% of business leaders in the non-financial market services sector expect an increase in overall activity for the 2nd quarter of 2022, while 55 % of them expect stability in activity. “These anticipations would be mainly due to the improvement planned in the branches of “Air Transport”, “Accommodation” and “Catering””, explain the experts of the HCP.

During the same period, entrepreneurs in the sector believe that there will be a growth in demand and an increase in the number of employees employed. As for cash flow, 41% of these bosses find it difficult. Regarding wholesalers, 65% expect a stagnation in the overall volume of sales and 19% expect an increase for the 2nd quarter of 2022. This result is explained by, on the one hand, the expected growth in sales in “Wholesale of information and communication equipment” and “Wholesale of raw agricultural products and live animals” and, on the other hand, by the fall in sales in “Trade wholesale of other industrial equipment’. In the second quarter of 2022, 38% of business leaders in the wholesale sector believe that expected orders will be lower than normal. Employment, for its part, should see a stable workforce according to 85% of the wholesalers questioned.

In addition, cash flow is considered difficult for 32% of business leaders in this sector. In its note, the HCP also presents the assessments of business leaders in the two sectors for the 1st quarter of 2022. It appears that the activity of non-financial market services would have experienced a drop according to 50% of the bosses and an increase according to 28%. This change is attributable on the one hand to the drop in “Telecommunications” and “Air Transport” activities and, on the other hand, to the increase in activity recorded at the level of the “Water transport” and Land transport and pipeline transport” and “Postal and courier activities”. During the same period, the sector’s capacity utilization rate (TUC) was 76% and the sector’s order books are at a normal level according to 66% of the bosses.

It should also be noted that employment remained stable for 64% of business leaders. On the other hand, it has decreased according to 20% of them. With regard to sales in the wholesale trade sector on the local market, they would have increased according to 29% of wholesalers and a regression according to 15% of them due to the increase in sales in the “Wholesale businesses of household goods” and “Other specialized wholesalers”.

Employment is stable in the first quarter of 2022 according to 82% of business leaders. Stocks of goods are at a normal level according to 72% of wholesalers and below normal according to 18%. Finally, the trend observed in selling prices would have shown an increase, believe 68% of business leaders in the wholesale trade sector.

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