Heat wave: when Evelyne Dhéliat's false alarmist weather map for 2050 becomes real... today

Heat wave: when Evelyne Dhéliat’s false alarmist weather map for 2050 becomes real… today

Météo France has announced an episode of heat wave, which should last until Sunday, June 19. This Thursday, June 16, the mercury could reach 40 degrees locally. Temperatures very similar to the predictions of Évelyne Dhéliat eight years ago, who presented on TF1 a false weather report but dated … 2050.

It’s hot, very hot this week. And this news is not cause for joy. On Wednesday June 15, Météo France placed 23 departments on heatwave orange vigilance. A very early heat wave, which should alert us, as Christophe Cassou, research director at the CNRS, climatologist and main author of the 6th IPCC report on Twitter points out.

Incremental/cosmetic changes are no longer enough; only a fundamental & structural change, now & in all aspects of society, will limit the risks.
How many more heat waves will it take to understand/act to the height?

— Christophe Cassou (@cassouman40) June 12, 2022

France will burn

He’s not the only one ringing the alarm bells. Indeed, in recent days, weather journalists have changed their tone. This is the case of Evelyne Dhéliat, a pioneer, who presented in 2014 on TF1 a false weather report “of the future” dated 2050 and based on scientific forecasts linked to global warming. However, there is a problem, as Marc Hay, weather journalist for BFMTV with our colleagues from BFMTV, points out: “The projections that we showed for 2050 have already happened!”

u2600ufe0f Heat wave, global warming: Are you ready to change your habits?

ud83dudcac Marc Hay (@Marc_Hay_BFMTV), weather reporter from @BFMTValert on this abnormal heat wave: “The projections that we showed for 2050, that has already happened!”#GGRMC pic.twitter.com/xXfbIybaYR

— The Big Mouths (@GG_RMC) June 15, 2022

When do we open our eyes?

The latter has resurfaced on social networks in recent days, provoking many reactions.

It was in 2014, Evelyne Dheliat presented the weather he would do in France in 2050 to raise awareness of global warming. We are in 2022 and we are already there. When do we open our eyes? pic.twitter.com/UeWmklypUw

— Alma Dufour u270c (@alma_dufour) June 16, 2022

In 2014, when Evelyne Dhéliat presented the alarming weather forecast for August 2050 and we are already there…in June 2022. How will it be in 2050? pic.twitter.com/yNImix3dTR

— Axele Gibert (@AxeleGibert) June 15, 2022

Passing through C à Vous on France 5, the weather journalist reacted to the high heat forecast for the next few days. “These heat records are more and more frequent, especially these high temperatures and these heat waves. What we can see is that these heat waves are getting earlier and earlier, June, and are also getting later and later. . We often have heat waves until September,” she said, adding thatwe “live something exceptional”.

Tuesday evening, Marc Hay, the weather reporter for the BFMTV news channel, broke with the usual codes to discuss the heat wave that is hitting France. “We have to change the way we talk about it, because it doesn’t print,” he justifies.

“France will clearly burn this week,” he warns.

The good weather of some is the bad weather of others“, explained Laurent Romejko, journalist and presenter of “Weather à la carte” on France 3, to BFM TV last May.

For Jean Jouzel, French paleoclimatologist interviewed by BFM TVweather journalists have an important role to play in “educating citizens about the urgency of acting to preserve the health of our planet”.

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