"HPI" season 3: what we know about the rest of the series with Audrey Fleurot

“HPI” season 3: what we know about the rest of the series with Audrey Fleurot

SERIES – It’s already the end for HPI. This Thursday, June 16, TF1 broadcasts at 9:10 p.m. the eighth and last episode of the second season of its event series with Audrey Fleurot, second season which, like the first, achieved good audiences.

Each week, the comedy created by Stéphane Carrié, Alice Chegaray-Breugnot and Nicolas Jean dominated all the other programs. Episode 7, broadcast on Thursday June 9, can testify to this. It was watched by nearly 8.9 million people, or 41.4% audience share. It was far ahead of France 3, in second position with its TV movie The mysteries of the cheerleaders (10.2%), and France 2 with its political program France 2022 (8.2%).

It is the logical continuation of the success of the first season, the most watched fiction program by the French in 2021. That year, up to 12.4 million French people had followed the adventures of Morgane Alvaro, cleaning lady with high intellectual potential, who becomes, thanks to a combination of circumstances, the new consultant of the Central Directorate of the Lille judicial police.

What suggest that a third season is looming? Yes. “There will be a season 3 of HPI, assured Audrey Fleurot at the microphone of Franceinfo, last May. I have absolutely no idea if I have the right to say that. I haven’t been briefed at all, but I’m telling you.

An early shoot

“I don’t want to let go of the character of Morgane, she added. Afterwards, as for all the series that I have been able to do, I am afraid of doing the season too much. I want to embody it as long as we manage to raise the sliders each time, to renew the form and so that I can have fun. Then, I’m afraid we’ll get tired of it and it will get annoying.”

This new season is already being written. Filming will begin at the end of June – beginning of July. “We will have to remain humble, fresh, innovate. Do not exhaust the system. That’s why we may be shooting a little earlier than last year, towards the end of summer, to get a little more sun than in the middle of autumn. And to have more outdoor scenes, by the sea for example”, whispered the interpreter of Commander Adam Karadec, Mehdi Nebbou, to TV Star.

Neither the plot nor the release date have yet been revealed. However, the idea of ​​having at least a double episode could gain ground, in order to “conduct an investigation with twice as much time and to give more space to the side effects which make the flavor of this series”, according to Audrey Fleurot.

“We keep a high level of requirement and we want to go even further in the artistic ambition, whether it’s the diversity of the sets, the staging of Morgane’s interior flashes, more complex sequences why not with stunts, music”, meanwhile, explained to the Parisian co-producer Pierre Laugier. Given the speed at which his teams are advancing, new elements could soon appear.

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