Huawei and Orange combine their efforts

Huawei and Orange combine their efforts

Huawei Morocco and Orange Morocco recently co-organized the 1time edition of the Digital Transformation Forum, in Casablanca. Focusing on ” Companies and the digital transition? Best practices & new opportunities for success », the event saw the participation of officials and several speakers and experts from all over the world.

Huawei and Orange have decided to unite in favor of digital transformation. Indeed, the 2 firms organized together the 1time edition of the Digital Transformation Forum, at the beginning of June in Casablanca. This was marked by several highlights with the aim of exchanging good practices and new opportunities with the various players in the ecosystem and accelerating the disruptive dynamics that emerged during the pandemic by supporting Moroccan companies in the success of their digital transformation.

Thus, several world-renowned speakers and experts were invited to this great 1time, in order to share with the audience their reading grids analyzing the fundamental trends that characterize the evolution of professional processes towards increasingly advanced digitalization. The Cloud, data sovereignty, artificial intelligence and industry 4.0 were among the main issues raised and discussed by the invited panelists.

To inquire about the evolution of the digital environment in the MENA region, the international research firm IDC presented an in-depth study on digital transformation ranging from the period 2020 to 2022 with a focus on four countries, including the Morocco. The report indicates that IT spending has held up in the kingdom in 2020, despite a sluggish economy. The firm’s finding is unequivocal, the pandemic has prompted companies to take the plunge and be more disruptive.

Huawei-Orange partnership

Moreover, on the sidelines of the 1time part of the Forum, Huawei and Orange Morocco signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at establishing a partnership framework. Their goal is to develop digital services that meet and anticipate the needs of SMEs, large companies and public administrations. Thus, by basing their analyzes on the trends and uses of their targets, the 2 companies intend to tailor their digital solutions to the acceleration of innovation, access to disruptive technologies as new sources of profitability for companies, assistance the emergence of start-ups specializing in digital, support for structures in their digital transformation process, and the development of digital skills.

Subsequently, they signed a second partnership agreement in the field of training. Concretely, the 2 operators are committed to strengthening the skills of talents, in favor of Moroccan companies. This involves training cloud architects, IP network experts, ” data scientist » in the fields of Big data and AI, as well as coding experts for the development of applications of all kinds. Other aspects specific to this partnership agreement include the organization of conferences, seminars and workshops for sharing expertise and experiences, including the workshop ” Women ICT Training for the training of women. It will also involve organizing Orange Morocco’s participation in the Huawei ICT Job Fair recruitment forum.

In the end, this 1time edition of the Digital Transformation Forum allowed Huawei and Orange Morocco to expose and analyze the issues of the digital transformation of current business models, while presenting the existing tools designed to further increase the efficiency and security of the digital organization in business. It was also an opportunity to highlight these Moroccan and international success stories which were able to measure the positive impact of the integration of innovative digital solutions on the health of their financial statements, as well as the human and technological dimensions of digital resilience.

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