In Croix, the Arborescence restaurant reveals its imaginary cuisine

In Croix, the Arborescence restaurant reveals its imaginary cuisine

On June 15, a new gastronomic restaurant lit its stoves in Croix: Arborescence. The establishment of Nidta and Félix Robert promotes a fusional, imaginary and thoughtful cuisine. And to take full advantage of it, four formulas are available to you.

The arborescence recalls the shape of a tree with all its ramifications. “We gave this name to the restaurant in relation to the vegetable gardens of Flanders, where I grew upsays Félix, the co-founder and chef. But also in relation to Nidta’s childhood in a fruit plantation in Thailand.” The couple flaunts their concept even in the garden placed at the entrance. And these are only the beginnings of a successful universe.

Nidta and Félix created Arborescence.

Arborescence opened its doors this Wednesday, June 15, in rue de la Gare, in Croix. Four months of hard work were enough to refurbish the premises. The interior was entirely designed by the architect François Muracciole. The wooden tables and chairs were made to measure, up to the ceiling made up of frames. “It absorbs the ambient hubbubsays Felix. In the evening, it emits a sort of luminous constellation.“The mysterious capping even hides the speakers. But as a good gourmet, it’s really on the plate that the magic happens.


A fusional and imaginary cuisine

We agree on all dishesassures Nidta. Creating our own style was important to us.” Her husband’s big eyes are moving: “We think together, our cuisine is fusional.“Positive energy on one side, reassuring tranquility on the other. Add a good handful of common creativity and you have the recipe for Arborescence.

In Wong Kar-wai of the plate, Félix creates voluptuous signature dishes. Of course, he uses his past experiences. There is his time at La Grenouillère where he worked with his wife between 2013 and 2018, and his stay in Japan. But above all, he uses his training in pastry for dressing, among other things. “We like to talk about imaginary cooking“, outbids the chef. Understand by this that you must travel through the culinary and the dialectical. For example, Felix calls customers “guests“. And the latter must leave with a “memory“. “The more they remember the dish over time, the more successful it is.

Four formulas

The duo compete in ingenuity to offer unique dishes, not hesitating to explore all tastes and colors. We will certainly be caught by the fragility of the carrot flames or the elegance of the smoked ice cream with Thai wax. Each recipe must catch the eye before caressing the palate.

The menu is therefore available in four menus: 3 and 5 sequences for lunch during the week against 5 and 7 sequences in the evening and on weekends. Count 40 euros for the first, up to 80 euros for the most expensive. Besides, Nidta offers a selection of wines through two packages: 5 glasses for 55 euros or 7 glasses for 70 euros.

Should this all change? Felix is ​​categorical: “We will do according to our producers and seasonal products.But rest assured the couple are continually working on new culinary surprises.

Arborescence is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Meet at 76 rue de la Gare, in Croix, to discover their universe. We give you the official website, the Facebook page and the Instagram account.

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