its car insurance based on your real-time driving is gaining momentum

its car insurance based on your real-time driving is gaining momentum

Tesla now offers its real-time driving-based auto insurance in eight US states. To do this, it uses the vehicle’s sensors, without adding any hardware.

Driving-based insurance has existed for several years now, in France and abroad. For this, the company generally provides the customer a box to be connected to the diagnostic socketwhich analyzes several parameters, such as the power of acceleration and braking, among others.

The goal ? Vary the insurance premium according to the driving behavior of the driver. Sudden driving will then be more expensive, because it is more prone to accidents. A similar offer has also recently been offered by Tesla.

An amount based on driving score

If the firm already offered own car insurance in California, this one works in a completely standard way, like most of the offers offered elsewhere. But recently, and as our colleagues fromElectrekElon Musk’s firm is launching a new formula based on the real-time driving of its customers.

Already offered since October 2021 in Texas, it is now available in a total of eight states, namely Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon and Virginia. In California, on the other hand, the manufacturer does not use driving data, displaying the safety score only for educational purposes. In all states where the new offer is available, the amount of the contribution therefore varies directly according to the style of driving.

Data from sensors

Multiple data, recorded directly thanks to the sensors present in the vehicle are taken into account in the calculation of the driving score, which then has a direct impact on the amount of the contribution. Among them, the braking force, the speed in curves or the number of warnings indicating a risk of collision. According ElectrekTesla claims that average drivers can take advantage of a 20 to 40% discount on their premium. Good drivers could save up to 60%.

The amount to be paid could then vary each month, depending on the improvement or deterioration of driving. As an example, the amount could drop from $97 to $130 if the score drops from 95 to 88.

If we do not yet really know the impact of this offer on accidents, a previous study had already stated that driving a Tesla would be less dangerous than a Porsche Taycan. But we must also be careful not to generalize this observation to the scale of the entire automotive sector.

This device should extend to other States, and could be offered in other countries a little later, even if no information has yet been mentioned on this subject for the moment.

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