James Harden: Three-year deal in Philadelphia?

James Harden: Three-year deal in Philadelphia?

Kevin O’Connor on James Harden: I’ve been told that (Sixers) ownership wants him to opt into the $46.9 million deal for the 22/23 season, which no surprise. I’ve been told Morey he wants that to be a three-year deal.
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Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers

Here’s what to make of James Harden’s decision to take a short-term exte… youtu.be/bTfAxG_ppLU via @Youtube12:40 PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin

James Harden led #NBA in scoring in 2019-20 at 34.3 ppg.
Rockets lost in 2nd round to Lakers.
Stephen Curry led NBA in scoring 2020-21 at 32 ppg.
Grizzlies eliminated Warriors in play-in.
LeBron James averaged 30.3 in 2021-22.
Lakers didn’t make playoffs.
Can’t do it alone. – 12:02 AM

Eric Korean @korean

Personally, I’m glad we spent all that time talking about James Harden and Ben Simmons. – 11:36 PM

Austin Krell @NBAKrell

Assuming Sixers and Harden agree to sign on Aug 10 or after, here’s the salary sheet for the next 3 years.
As of now, the Sixers are over the luxury-tax apron for 2022-23 by my projection. But, they have ways to get below (the non-guaranteed money is italicized). pic.twitter.com/cUi6j4CCqX8:17 PM

Keith Pompey @PompeyOnSixers
#ICYMI James Harden reportedly plans to sign a short-term extension with #Sixers after picking up option inquirer.com/sixers/sixers-… via @phillyinquirer – 7:01 PM

Austin Krell @NBAKrell

Here’s how the max money differs for James Harden based on sign date.
If it’s signed before Aug 10:
2022-23: $47,366,760
23-24: $49,735,098
24-25: $452,221,853
Total: $149,323,711
On or after Aug 10:
22-23: $47,366,760
23-24: $49,735,098
24-25: $53,713,906
Total: $150,815,764 – 6:52 PM

Jon Johnson @jonjohnsonwip

Anything James Harden beyond player option: No. No. No. – 5:33 PM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk

Report: James Harden expected to opt in, stay with 76ers on short-term contract extension nba.nbcsports.com/2022/06/16/rep… – 2:00 p.m.

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin

The newser on James Harden plus my thoughts on the contract and Harden’s presence here #Sixers sixerswire.usatoday.com/2022/06/16/rep… via @SixersWire1:08 PM

Austin Krell @NBAKrell

Harden taking a shorter-term deal is pretty much ideal for PHI. The degree to which the $47.4 mill option stings depends on how they view the free-agent market. If they don’t love what’s out there, the opt-in doesn’t really matter anyway. – 12:38 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

The final decision on James Harden’s contract status will likely affect everything else the Sixers do this offseason (plus some important things moving forward).
A look at some of the most important ripple effects: theathletic.com/3368679/2022/0… – 11:59 AM

Jim Eichenhofer @Jim_Eichenhofer

Total #NBA players in 2021-22 who appeared in all 82 games: 5
Total NBA players in 2010-11 who appeared in all 82 games: 32 (including Kobe, Harden, Westbrook, Pau Gasol, Jrue)
Players in 2021-22 who appeared in 81+ games: 9
Players in 2010-11 who appeared in 81+ games: 52 – 11:47 AM

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Tim Bontemps: Veteran forward Jeff Green exercised his $4.5M player option to return to the Denver Nuggets next season, sources told ESPN. -via Twitter / June 19, 2022 Fischer’s reporting, laid out in an online conversation Thursday with Boardroom’s Eddie Gonzalez, was less certain, which he admitted, but decidedly more interesting. The Bleacher Report writer opened by saying that he has long assumed that Irving, along with Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons, will all be on the court for training camp. Still… “I’ve been working on the assumption that all three — Kevin, Kyrie, Ben Simmons — will be there for the start of training camp. However, there’s a lot of talk about Kyrie,” he told Gonzalez. “Definitely some talk about whether they are going to figure out a long term relationship.” -via NetsDaily / June 19, 2022 In a couple weeks, Bradley Beal’s future might look a lot clearer. At this point, the Washington star isn’t tipping his hand. When asked Saturday about how he expects the start of free agency to go, he replied: “Crazy probably — like it always is.” When asked how he expects his own contract situation to play out, his response was the same: “My situation? Crazy probably.” -via basketballnews.com / June 19, 2022


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