jewelry made by hand by a creative and versatile young woman from Strasbourg

jewelry made by hand by a creative and versatile young woman from Strasbourg

Joline is the story of Auréline, a 30-year-old young woman with a passion for photography, design, haute couture and beautiful objects. Trained as an engineer, she studied in Strasbourg and then worked for major brands such as L’Oréal and Adidas. Today, she is at the head of a small workshop and an online store that she keeps alive with her spouse, a partner, and a work-study student. In just two years, the success of his business is an example of what you can do when you are passionate and VERY motivated. We wanted to know more.

On the side of Schiltigheim, in a former station hall (La Cabane des Créateurs), we find Auréline and her small workshop. In this space of creativity and mutual aid, which she shares with other artists and entrepreneurs, she has set up her little piece of the universe, her machines, her books and her sketches. Two years ago, when the Joline adventure began, she made her pieces (bracelets, rings, earrings) in her bedroom, a space that quickly became too cramped to fully express herself.

Today, Auréline and her associates can pride themselves on having won over more than 2,000 customers, women convinced both by the original design of her jewelry, but also by the spirit of the brand and its commitment (we will come back to this). But if the success is there, it is also because Auréline is a hard worker and leaves nothing to chance.

Teamwork and passion for a brand that goes beyond the simple object

Auréline had wanted to set up her own brand for years. So, after working for the big names mentioned above, she combined all the know-how she learned to finally get started. First only on the Internet, then at Galeries Lafayette and soon at Curieuse in Strasbourg. Research and development, sketches, editing: almost everything is done by him with the help of his team. Only the gold plating, which guarantees quality and durability to its pieces, is carried out in Paris.. Her jewels are therefore 100% French-made, which is very rare for this type of “haute costume” jewellery.

Quality is therefore one of Auréline’s primary concerns. But that’s not all. To stand out from the competition, the team imagines no less than 4 collections per year. In two years, she managed to imagine more than 300 different jewels, including asymmetrical earrings, the best-sellers, models that are obviously found nowhere else.

But if the young designer makes jewelry, she is also keen to create a whole universe of benevolence around the Joline brand and to commit to causes close to her heart. Very concretely, the brand makes donations to the association Les Femmes en Rose, which creates links and offers exchanges, workshops and moments of sharing for women with cancer. A way to educate its customers and get them involved in a good cause, while having fun.

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*Article supported but not proofread by Atelier Joline

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