Keba charging stations at Borneco's Paris showroom

Keba charging stations at Borneco’s Paris showroom

Electromobilists most often buy their charging stations on the Internet, or through an electrician. With Keba and Borneco, the scenario can be reversed. By going to the showroom on avenue Daumesnil, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, it is possible to choose your equipment, have it installed, and benefit from appropriate supervision.

Multi-specialized company

With 10 agencies in Europe and as many in Asia, Keba specializes in different areas. Thus, to name a few, automation in the industrial sector, cash dispensers (DAB), and automatic locker systems.

In France, these are often installed in stations. They allow you to receive a package when you are not at home. Thanks to a QR Code, the locker containing the shipment is released “says Renaud Huc, sales manager at Keba.

Since 2009, the Austrian company has also been present on the market for charging stations for electric vehicles in alternating current, up to a power of 22 kW. ” To date, we are experiencing exponential growth in our sales, with more than 300,000 terminals distributed “, underlines our interlocutor.

Terminals for individuals and professionals

Our customers are mainly distributors who will sell our equipment to individuals and professionals, as well as terminal supervisors. These are our 2 biggest markets “reveals Renaud Huc.

The users of our KeContact P30 terminal are individuals in single-family homes, condominiums, as well as communities and companies to equip their car parks. We strongly believe in the quality of our products. We record less than 1% return “, he details.

We have entered into an agreement with Honda, which offers our equipment to buyers of its electric car. The manufacturer asked for a personalization of the copies distributed by its own network. Their appearance is therefore different from those presented in our catalog. We also work with BMW “, he explains.

Large settlements

In Europe, we won contracts with the installation of numerous terminals, around a hundred. Thus in the airports of Munich, Zurich and Nice, but also for the Austrian bank of the Erste group and the national train company OBB », Aligns Renaud Huc.

Apart from the feet, our charging equipment is designed and manufactured in Austria, from the electronic card to the final terminal. This allows us to change components as needed and avoid chain breaks. With the semiconductor crisis, we had to do it 2 or 3 times already. Thus, we have never exceeded 16 weeks of delivery times “, he justifies.

Keba charging stations

It is not enough to change components when some are no longer available. It is also necessary to test the operation of the complete terminal with those which replace them. Currently, even if we are not facing a particular problem, we continue our experiments with potential replacement components “, he schematizes.


Keba markets different versions of its KeContact P30 charging station, with more or less functionality depending on whether it will be installed in a private home or in multiple copies in a car park, involving for example identification, invoicing or a statement of use .

Among the recent highlights, we launched a new system that allows to manage up to 200 terminals dynamically and statically “, reports Renaud Huc.

There is also the Green Edition version of the KeContact P30. ” We launched it 4 months ago, and customers have already given it a very warm welcome. Thanks to a carbon compensation system, we can say that it is CO2 emissions neutral for its manufacture. Afterwards, for its use, we are not master of the origin of the electricity that it will deliver », Comments the sales manager at Keba.

Carbon offset program

Fleas still come from Asia. But we use for this KeContact P30 Green Edition terminal a maximum of locally sourced materials. Even for packaging, with the elimination of polystyrene and the use of reconditioned plastic “explains Renaud Huc.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality for its manufacture, we offset emissions through a partnership with Climate Partner. Three actions are thus supported: reforestation of the Amazon, development of wind turbines in Morocco, and re-greening of pastures in Austria. “, he lists.

It was important for us to include this charging station in our catalog, because we are dealing with electric vehicles that have been specifically chosen to limit CO2 emissions. It seemed logical to us to go in the same direction with the charging station. In this way, we hope to achieve that all our terminals are CO2 neutral. “, he pleads.


Since the beginning of the year, Borneco has opened a showroom in Paris, at 142 avenue Daumesnil. You can see Keba’s charging equipment there. ” This exhibition brings visibility to our terminals, and credibility », rejoices Renaud Huc.

Philippe Giami is one of the founders of Borneco. He introduces us to his establishment. ” The premises have an area of ​​55 m2, of which approximately half is devoted to the display of charging stations. Six are currently presented: 1 manufactured by the Lithuanian company Elinta, 2 from Circontrol, and 3 from Keba “.

At Borneco

We have already installed 100 terminals, including around 60 Keba. These are appreciated for their quality of manufacture and the excellent reputation of Austrian equipment. We have not recorded a single return “, announces the co-founder of Borneco.

Keba terminals are divided into 2 categories. Those limited to 7.4 kW of power, intended for individuals and professionals who do not need supervision. And the 22 kW three-phase models. We find everything in these without it being seen. Their total management is possible with our supervision system concludes Philippe Giami.

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