Launch of the public platform for the sale of labeled sheep and goats

Launch of the public platform for the sale of labeled sheep and goats

In front of an audience of central and regional directors, as well as representatives of the National Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders (ANOC), Mohammed Sadiki, Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Waters and Forests, launched the “My ANOC Market” platform this Wednesday, June 22, at the National Office for Agricultural Advice (ONCA) in Rabat.

“My ANOC Market” (a curiously English-speaking name) is an e-commerce application that allows individuals and professionals alike to acquire a wide variety of sheep and goats all year round, without having to travel . Delivery is indeed guaranteed to the four corners of the Kingdom.

The characteristics of each product are detailed by breed, age, weight and price. The application, which can be downloaded on Android, will soon be available on iOS before being available on a website and mobile web.

Removal of intermediaries

His particuliarity ? Sheep and goats labeled “ANOC” and comply with the quality criteria of the National Office for Food Safety (ONSSA). In addition, it allows direct contact between the breeder and the consumer, effectively excluding intermediaries. It is also intended for red meat operators (butchers and chevards) who wish to buy animals with well-defined characteristics.

The elimination of intermediaries allows a reduction in the selling price “determined according to the market”, indicates Abderrahmane Majdoubi, president of the ANOC, to Médias24. And to add: The reduction can range from 1 to 2 DH per kilo, which corresponds to part of the commissions received by intermediaries. »

“This does not prevent the buyer from having the possibility of going to the breeder to ensure the quality of the animal”, affirms Jamal Benhamou, director of the Soft Center in Oujda.

How can you be sure that the chosen sheep is the one delivered? What should I do in the event of a delivery problem? Jamal Benhamou assures us that the system makes it possible to solve any problems thanks to transparency and traceability. “It is impossible for there to be any mistake because the only sheep sold are those with a registration number attached to the ear, after verification by ONSSA and the Ministry of Agriculture. They are identified and vaccinated. »

For his part, the president of ANOC specifies that he is counting “on around 4,000 transactions”. “In three or four years, we believe that the application will have a strong place, the time to convince breeders of its benefits, particularly in terms of reducing travel-related problems. Breeders have to wake up at 2 a.m. to go and install their sheep before the sale in the big cities,” he explains.

Extension to other products

The genesis of the creation of the application dates back to 2020, at the time of the health crisis. “My ANOC Market is the result of a dual approach of collective intelligence and open innovation, in collaboration with the National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) of Oujda”, says Jamal Benhamou.

ENSA took part in the pilot experiment carried out in 2021 in the Oriental region. A first draft deemed conclusive, the application having then allowed the sale of several hundred animals.

“Our engineering students also took part in its development,” says El Hebil Farid, director of ENSA Oujda. “ENSA has launched a call for the creation of start-ups, which will recover the application in order to ensure maintenance and then explore all the research projects generated by this ecosystem”, he adds.

“With ANOC and ENSA, we started with an open source logic. We have structured the technical architecture of the solution in such a way that it can be adapted to any cooperative in the agricultural sector”, concludes Jamal Benhamou.

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