Loir-et-Cher: after eight years of work, he publishes his first novel |  The mail

Loir-et-Cher: after eight years of work, he publishes his first novel | The mail

Louis Desquartiers has just published his first novel with Éditions Vérone, “Dependent Eyes”. ©Le Petit Courrier / Echo of the Loir Valley

It is the culmination of a work close to eight year. At 25 years, Louis Desquartiers publishes his first novel, “Dependent eyes”, with Verone editions.

Photographer and cameraman as a freelancer, the young man is above all a keen. Since the age of 12 yearshe writes.

“I am quite severe dyslexic and I really wanted to better understand the French language to read it. I came across Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, especially The Hound of the Baskervilles. It is my first love in literature. »

A varied inspiration

Unbeatable on the great writers of the past century, he finds inspiration by reading Molière like Honoré de Balzac but also more modern authors like Andrej Sapkowski.

I love fantasy and science fiction stories written by Scandinavian and American authors. I am also inspired by series.

At the age of 18 years oldhe therefore undertakes to tell his first story. The pages accumulate, “and when I saw that I had already written 130, I had a psychological shock. I thought I could do it! »

A way to write

Very organized, he rereads, rewrites his story several times. To help himself, he establishes sheets for each of its characters.

Physical characteristics, morals, family life, professional… Everything is scrutinized.

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But I try to keep some flexibility. I sometimes do automatic writing, but the program can change. When you write, you have to know how to start over, accept that our version at the beginning is not good.

This is how time passes and his novel takes shape… after a twenty different versions !

In 2020, during the first confinement, pushed by his family and friends, he decided to send him to a twenty houses editing.

“I was sure to be rejected! And in the end, I had 17 or 18 positive responses,” he says, still with astonishment. ” I have been very lucky. I studied all the proposals and I accepted that of Éditions Vérone because we had had very good contact. »

A future saga already underway

After a few more modifications with the help of a correctivethe novel is finalized and has been published recently.

It was a great experience, I’m proud of this novel and that’s why I’m going to continue.

He plans to write to her a suitein the form of saga“where each book can be read independently”.

Hyperactive, Louis is already working on a second sagahistoric this time, with a war novel. Enough to occupy him for several more years, in parallel with his job.

“But when we have something close to our hearts, we always have time! »

His novel is available in bookstores and on online sales platforms. Editions Verone website: www.editions-verone.com.162 pages. Retail price: €17.

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