Tanger : Mezzour inaugure une usine allemande spécialisée dans les composantes automobiles

Mezzour inaugurates a German factory specializing in automotive components

The new German unit strengthens the position of Tangier as an industrial destination par excellence and contributes to supporting the Moroccan-German economic cooperation which, thanks to the wisdom of HM King Mohammed VI, is experiencing a tangible, balanced and promising evolution, underlined Mr. Mezzour during the opening ceremony of this factory, which was attended by administrative officials and economic personalities.

The Minister also noted that the qualitative foreign investment in Morocco is explained by the stability, security and openness enjoyed by the Kingdom, as well as by its economic attractiveness.

Morocco has become an industrial destination for major international industrial groups of reference, particularly in the automotive field and other vital industries, thanks to the incentives that the Kingdom grants to investors in general and the presence of a hand -workers and qualified and experienced executives, he pointed out, while recalling the geographical location of the country as an economic gateway linking the north and the south of the globe.

Mr. Mezzour explained that the confidence of foreign investors in the present and the future of Morocco, in particular the large industrial groups, is reinforced from year to year, which is reflected in the indicators of attraction of capital and mobility. of the Tangier Med port and its platforms.

By attracting large international industrial groups, Morocco confirms its status as a continental and regional leader in the automotive sector, noted the minister, adding that this attests to the great competitiveness of the Moroccan industrial platform.

He said that the new industrial unit of the German group, which has chosen Morocco as its first platform on an African scale, comes to meet the demand of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world, which have a particular presence on the international market. .

It’s only a beginning…

For his part, the Director General of Tanger Med, Mehdi Tazi Rifi, indicated that the choice of the German group to establish itself at the industrial platform of Tanger-Med, which is currently the first port at the Mediterranean and African levels, confirms the relevance of Morocco’s choices and economic orientations and its continuous development and the integration and coordination of port services, which combine industrial, port and logistics services.

He noted that the opening of this new German factory also confirms that this group is following the path of other leading international companies from various countries, which have a long history in the industrial field, adding that the port authorities of Tangier Med offer all favorable conditions to international companies and support them at all levels to ensure the success of their projects in Morocco.

For his part, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Rabat, Robert Dogler, noted that this new German investment in Tangier-Med comes to support the dynamics of Moroccan-German relations on all fronts and also confirms the capacity of the Morocco, thanks to the foresight of HM King Mohammed VI, to attract large German industrial groups who see in the Kingdom an emerging economic power and a regional and continental model.

Morocco, which is Germany’s second largest African partner, has in recent years accumulated significant experience in attracting quality investment, due to its quality workforce, its industrial infrastructure and attractive economic and economic systems, as well as its openness and stability, the diplomat noted, believing that the Kingdom will inevitably attract further German investment in the foreseeable future.

Along the same lines, the president of the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Andreas Wenzel, considered the prospects for economic cooperation between Rabat and Berlin to be promising, especially since German investments in Morocco are experiencing a quantitative and qualitative.

Morocco has become an important industrial platform for the major German industrial groups which have begun to strengthen their presence in the Kingdom, as an essential gateway to the African market, noted Mr. Wenzel, while welcoming the competence Morocco’s young workforce and the official measures taken to attract capital, foreign investment and training programs in general, which accompany the labor market and the expectations of various investors.

Built on a plot of 21,400 m² (9,400 m² built to date, and 12,000 m² will be completed in January 2023), this plant, the construction of which required an investment of 107 million dirhams (MDH) and will create 1,075 jobs. and the achievement of an annual turnover of more than 400 MDH.


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