Miss Seine-et-Marne: Claudia Cunha is preparing to compete in the election of Miss Ile-de-France!

Miss Seine-et-Marne: Claudia Cunha is preparing to compete in the election of Miss Ile-de-France!

Miss Seine-et-Marne is and will remain… Claudia Cunha! Elected on Saturday May 21, 2022, at the Espace André Malraux in Claye-Souilly, Miss Seine-et-Marne 2022 has still not come down from its cloud. ” I will work on my eloquence, I am counting on my committee to meet the people of Seine-et-Marnais. That’s what I prefer: going to meet them. ” Native Savigny-le-Templethe young woman of 20 years now multiplies the meetings with the Seine-et-Marnais. Interview.

Student in BTS Management, Claudia Cunha is automatically qualified for Miss Ile-de-France, regional competition. Since her election, the young woman has met the sparkling gaze of many young girls. ” It’s a big change in my life, it changes my daily life. When I participate in events, I go back on my little cloud. It’s a crazy pleasure to meet people, to take pictures, to put glitter in your eyes… it’s too much love every time ! » Born in Lieusaint, Claudia Cunha studied in Nice for several years before returning to our department. ” It’s in Seine-et-Marne where I feel at home. Close to her family, she was able to count on their unfailing support at all times.

Once elected… What is the daily life of Miss Seine-et-Marne? Meetings, preparation for the regional competition and promotion of the region’s charm… Claudia Cunha is preparing to live a reign, placed under the sign of sharing. ” I had planned to take a year off to focus on my future and the Miss adventure came at the right time. I will be able to concentrate on the election and my future projects. Little girls see a princess with the big beautiful crown that I have. They have stars in their eyes! After organizing the election, what role does the committee play? ” We have a supporting role. Miss Seine-et-Marne, it’s a bit brand new for her. We’re here to accompany him, for official outings and to protect her. ” Explain Ugo Collonge.

Proud of his department, Claudia Cunha continues to discover the marvelous nuggets of our territory. ” Thanks to the committee, I learned to discover the North of Seine-et-Marne and I really like what I discover. I’m sure there’s still plenty of pretty things I haven’t seen yet. Moreover, it is in the idyllic setting of the Aulnoy Castle that the official photos have been taken. ” I have always been drawn to the world of beauty, make-up and wellness. My family and my friends pushed me, they told me that I had a face of Miss and that I had nothing to lose. I really approached the experience thinking it was just a bonus. Thanks to this crown, the young woman evolves in peace under the benevolent and informed eye of the Departmental Committee.

After winning the departmental crown… Our beauty queen is now targeting: Miss Ile-de-France.I hope there will be the same atmosphere at Miss Ile-de-France and that there won’t be too much competition. » In October 2022, the regional election will crown the next Miss Ile-de-Francewhich will succeed Diane LeyreMiss France 2022.” She’s a bubbly girl who can go very far, we accompany her for that. We want Seine-et-Marne to shine again on the stage of miss France ! Approach, eloquence and community… On the sidelines of the election, Claudia is already working hard to bring us the crown home.

I had fun from start to finish. »

Back to the Miss Seine-et-Marne election. How did the jury decide between the three candidates: Michaela Frino, Claudia Cunha and Nolwenn Guyomard?The first three were pretty obvious. But, it’s true that deciding between the three and putting them in order… It was more complicated. They were all three ready to be Miss Seine-et-Marne. And then, there you go, it’s Claudia ! Backstage, the friendship between the girls shone on stage at the Espace André Malraux. ” the last dance, the last painting, we were really apprehensive because we knew it was the last time we were all going to be on stage. There were a lot of emotions… We were holding back our tears. “Naturally, the girls intend to support Claudia, until the end of his reign. ” We were very satisfied with this first promo. Now the girls are going to accompany Claudia, it’s their will, so that she goes as far as possible. They will be there at Miss Ile-de-France to support her. Thanks to this first experience, Claudia intends to give everything to win this next crown!

How can you support her? By going to the election! For anecdote, Claudia Cunha lives ten minutes from Dammarie-lès-Lys. ” I’m playing at home this year! We bring back the crown, I hopewe will do everything for ! By her side, the committee intends to advise her at every stage. ” She also has to be herself ! » So, everyone behind Claudia!

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