More beautiful life: Romain will find "great love"... and it's not Fanny according to Simon Ehrlacher!  - News Series

More beautiful life: Romain will find “great love”… and it’s not Fanny according to Simon Ehrlacher! – News Series

Met at the Monte-Carlo Festival, Elodie Varlet and Simon Ehrlacher gave us some revelations about what awaits Estelle and Romain by the end of “Plus belle la vie”. Happy end, great “surprising” love, we tell you everything.

After 18 years of love stories, dramas of all kinds, and intrigues, each crazier than the next, Plus belle la vie will end on November 18 on France 3 with an exceptional bonus that will close the destiny of the inhabitants of the Mistral. For now anyway.

Present last weekend at the Monte-Carlo television festival, Elodie Varlet and Simon Ehrlacher, alias Estelle and Romain, lifted the veil for us on what awaits us in the weeks and months to come for their characters.

Despite Estelle’s infidelity last December, who cheated on her companion with Benjamin after the “Black-out” bonus, the Estelle-Francesco (Emanuele Giorgi) couple should have a happy ending if we are to believe the revelations of ‘Elodie Varlet at our microphone.

“I don’t think Francesco will learn of Estelle’s infidelity. I don’t think he will ever find out. There will be a good end for Francesco and Estelle”.

“As it’s the end and everyone has to be served, it won’t be a huge arch”continues the actress, who confirms in passing that her character will be present in the very last bonus of Plus belle la vie. “But there is really something to defend for my character. In particular on the last prime that we will shoot from the end of August to mid-September. The last prime that will conclude the series. I have a nice thing for Estelle. One last time”.

As for the fans who hoped to witness the birth of a great and beautiful love story between Romain and Fanny (Prudence Leroy), they will be very disappointed since, despite what one might think when watching the episodes currently broadcast on France 3, this couple should never come true!

Indeed, according to Simon Ehrlacher, an upcoming plot will be devoted to the “great love” of Romain Vidal, and, against all odds, it will not be about Fanny!

“I’m starting to film a new plot, which will be Vidal’s last”explained to us the actor who will soon be found in the series Prime Video Escort Boys. “It’s the great love of Doctor Vidal. (…) No. It’s not Fanny. (…) Everyone wants. But it won’t be her. It was surprising for all of us”.

And always in the radius of surprises, the two actors of Plus belle la vie promise an end in the form of a gift for fans of the soap opera. With of course the return of old emblematic characters.

“There are people we would like to see come back”admits Elodie Varlet. “I believe that all of this is in the process of being finalized. We are really starting to have ideas on how it will all evolve and end. But there will be some nice surprises. People that we have been able to see for a long time who will come back. The authors’ goal is to please the fans. Maybe not with Romain and Fanny. But there will be other surprises.”.

Can we thus hope to see Djawad (David Baiot) return to the Mistral? “Maybe maybe”, is satisfied to answer the interpreter of Estelle. It will therefore be necessary to be patient before discovering it. And in the meantime, France 3 viewers will be able to find Ninon, Rudy, or even Johanna in the premium “Retrouvailles” which will be broadcast on Tuesday July 5.

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