My ANOC Market, the application for buying sheep online directly from the breeder, explained by its initiator

My ANOC Market, the application for buying sheep online directly from the breeder, explained by its initiator


How did the idea for the “My Anoc Market place” app come about?

The application was born following the Covid-19 pandemic that affected Morocco in 2020, with all its consequences and its impact on a number of economic sectors in the country, including the livestock sector.

Many of our breeders who are members of the association, which has around 15,000 members, have found themselves in a complicated situation with the closure of the souks, and with restrictions on the movement of people and goods.

You know, for the breeder, raising animals is a kind of permanent cash. Every week, when there are weekly souks, he takes a head, he takes it to the souk, he sells the animal and he buys what his family needs. So most breeders don’t have cash. With the closure of the souks, they found themselves destitute, and so we thought of an alternative.“

Everything that is offered in this application comes exclusively from the production of breeders who are members of the ANOC?

Yes quite. We thought of this solution to avoid scams, to master the system, and for the moment, we limit it to ANOC breeders. These are breeders that we know, and we have a direct link with them.

This application has been online since June 22, 2022. How many heads of sheep and goats are offered?

Currently I cannot give you a figure. There is a regular feed every day, there are breeders who are added, there are animals who are sold, and suddenly they no longer appear in the application which is updated daily.

But I can tell you that there are currently about 5,000 heads available, which are distributed in all regions of Morocco, but it is approximate.

Up to 6,000 heads available on the platform… How was this showcase put together?

It’s a work of about a year and a half that has been carried out with organizations specialized in the development of applications, and with us, as experts in the field. We held dozens of meetings, we met once a week for ten months, and until Aid Al-Adha last year, when we carried out a first test, but without officially announcing it. .

That’s when we put the application to the test, we corrected several things afterwards, and we corrected several aspects including the logistics component among others… And we were able to launch the official version this year. This was officially announced on June 22 by the Minister of Agriculture.

Despite all the technical adjustments, bugs persist on the application. Several Internet users complain about the non-existence of photos…What is the problem?

The huge demand made everyone try to log in at the same time, download the app at the same time, and it created saturation. But we contacted the technical department to increase the capacity of the servers, and we made a certain number of computer settings so that we could respond to this high demand in a very short time.

We call on Internet users to update the application to be able to access My Anoc Marketplace, in its improved version and with all its features.

Consumers are increasingly interested in the condition of the sheep they buy. How does this application guarantee the good health of the head put on sale?

You should know that the mere fact that the animals that are put up for sale, belonging to breeders who are members of the ANOC, guarantees their good state of health.

In the annual supervision program that we offer to our member breeders, there is a health supervision program. We are carrying out almost four campaigns against parasitic diseases, against all dangerous infections in order to have healthy livestock. We also monitor the feed that is supplied to the livestock.

From launch to date, how many buds have been sold on the app?

We have already had 15,000 downloads of the application since the official launch. And it’s growing every day!

Until yesterday, Monday June 27, 2022, we received 224 orders. It’s still a small number, when compared to the growing interest in the application and visible through the number of downloads, but we expect an increase in demand within a few days.

What were the means that you implemented to make this application operational, and to avoid bugs?

As I told you, we started working in September 2020. We carried out a first design, by all the stakeholders in the project: the national school of applied sciences of Oujda, the ANOC, the ministry [de l’Agriculture, Ndlr] who greatly supported the project, and there was also a service provider, specialized in the development of applications.

These four partners met and we agreed on the project. We chose a small panel from our association, made up of technicians and breeders, we wanted to have everyone’s point of view.

The IT department took notes, asked questions and tried to answer our needs: how to create an account? How to integrate animals? How do we process an order? If an animal is sold, how to remove it from the application, so as not to order it several times? Logistics, after-sales service with customers… All of this has been well studied.

With this application, the customer buys his sheep from his locality. How is it then conveyed to him?

Yes exactly. There are several regions concerned: the Oriental, the Middle Atlas, the region of Casablanca-Settat, Souss-Massa, up to Ouarzazate and the northern region.

When you make your choice on the application, the price displayed is the price of the animal. Once ordered, we are faced with three options to choose from. Either the customer comes to pick up the animal, and in this case, he pays nothing at all, or he chooses the pick-up point: all the buyers in Rabat, for example, meet in a gathering place, and they pay a supplement of 100 dirhams. Finally, there is the option of home delivery, and its price varies according to the distance. The maximum is set at 300 dirhams.

This app has basically aims to pull the rug out from under the feet of speculators, who are driving up the price of sheep as Eid Al-Adha approaches. But who exactly is My ANOC Market Place for?

This allows a certain number of buyers who do not have a real knowledge of the sector to know all the characteristics sought, thanks to the application, without resorting to an intermediary. Everything is mentioned: the size of the animal, its weight, the place where it is raised…

So the application is not aimed at resellers?

The customers targeted during Eid Al-Adha are the end consumers. This is the initial objective. Bring the primary buyer closer to the producers. Nothing prevents a person from buying fifteen sheep, for example. We offer the possibility to buy directly [son mouton]from the producer.

But the application, which will work all year round, also aims to meet the needs of wholesale butchers and retail butchers.

How was the pricing established on the app?

There is something for all budgets. From 1150 dirhams, up to 6,000 dirhams per head. This year, there are young sheep and young goats of the year, so they are available even from 800 dirhams on the market.

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