New projects will emerge in the DeFi sector

New projects will emerge in the DeFi sector

While the cryptocurrency market is in a general downward trend, some investors have fears and are expressing it in various ways on social networks. Others, on the other hand, share their hopes for the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi). This same optimism is shared by companies such as Binance and BitFrost.

Suggestions from Reddit users

A Reddit user wrote on the platform asking community members if they would like to hear about new innovations in the DeFi space. In response to his question, another user said he wanted to see how actors could set up new projects of liquid ether (ETH) staking which will not be under the control of their creators.

Another user assured, meanwhile, to be able to operate an Ethereum node with “1 ETH or less”. According to him, this would allow strengthen decentralization in the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, he believes that thanks to such a project, annual returns would be more substantial and more advantageous for everyone.

Furthermore, another user by the name of Geistirnd expressed his enthusiasm for to the potential of DeFi projects which are privacy-focused and whose privacy options will help drive wider adoption of DeFi. Finally, another person feels that the yield-making should become a contributor to market development.

The Binance Labs and Bitfrost Project

Binance Labs recently announced in a statement that it plans to launch the 5e version of its Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program. MVB is an incubation platform that will support new DeFi projects. This 5e version will be born thanks to an intense collaboration between Binance Labs and BNB Chain.

Meanwhile, another decentralized provider, Bitfrost went live last Friday with a new update to the slot liquidity auction protocol. The project will provide liquid derivatives tokens in return for tokens staked by users. According to the information that is provided, the tokens will be able to be used throughout the DeFi sphere.

New projects will be set up in the DeFi sphere to support its development and growth. The aim is to make this sector dynamic and even more interesting for investors, even as the digital asset market is in the midst of a decline in performance.

Source: Cointelegraph

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