Nouvelle identité visuelle pour Dacia

New visual identity for Dacia

After the communication media (mid 2021) and the network of dealers which will begin to change at the start of the 2022 school year, it is the turn of the vehicles to adopt the brand’s brand new identity. Beyond the design changes, this new identity also carries commitments for the future, while capitalizing on the strong values ​​that have made Dacia so successful. The first deliveries are scheduled for the end of the fourth quarter of 2022.

Dacia’s new visual identity is coming to all of the brand’s vehicles

A strong symbol of the brand’s new visual identity, the Dacia Link emblem takes its place in the middle of the vehicles’ grille, which has seen its motifs reworked and turned white.

Composed of a clean D and a C linked like the links of a chain, this new emblem is intended to be a symbol of both robustness and simplicity. Dacia Link even brings visibility to the brand from afar and also appears on the wheel centers of the cars.

Another immediately visible change is the appearance of the logotype on the rear of the vehicles and on the steering wheel. Deliberately minimalist, his letters are lightened to keep only what is essential to their recognition.

Other Design developments have been added, such as the appearance of the Gray Megalith color for the roof bars, the front and rear skids as well as the exterior mirrors of Sandero Stepway, Spring or even Duster.

The reveal of the entire Dacia range with the new visual identity marks the third and final chapter of the deployment strategy which began more than a year ago. This new universe is in line with our values ​​– simple, robust, authentic – in a more assertive and modern form. This deployment is a new visible impetus for Dacia in achieving its ambitions.

Same DNA, new impulse

In just a few months, Dacia has renewed its range and expanded it with 2 new models: 100% electric Spring and Jogger, the versatile C-Segment family vehicle.

The deployment of this new visual identity completes this revival. Dacia has therefore changed everything, but has endeavored to remain essential.

Essential for Dacia is to offer no-frills vehicles that meet customer expectations. Above all, robust and reliable vehicles, which offer great versatility of use for everyday use but also to escape to the great outdoors. The unprecedented color Lichen Khaki, a shade of green reminiscent of moss and earth, makes its appearance as if to underline Dacia’s closeness to nature. Dacia is a troublemaker who seeks to approach the automobile differently, in particular by trying to favor reasoned consumption. This will result in the gradual abandonment of certain materials such as chrome decorative elements, but also, as has been the case for several years, of any leather of animal origin.

Dacia will gradually implement one of the commitments made by Renault Group at its General Meeting of April 23, 2021. As of 2023, Dacia will be the first group brand to have 100% of its vehicles with a maximum speed limited to 180 kph.

Rolling out the new visual identity across the entire Dacia range is a great exercise in coordination. Thanks to the contribution of all professions, Dacia has had a facelift while retaining its DNA. This change allows us to show that we can be both essential and attractive in our way of approaching the automobile.

Lionel Jaillet, Dacia Product Performance Director

The very refined logo testifies to the essentiality that characterizes the brand. Likewise, the Dacia Link emblem, inspired by the world of mechanics, evokes simplicity and robustness. It also bears the symbolism of the link, a strong element of the Dacia community.

David Durand, Dacia Design Director

Dacia evolves with the times and its image is modernized. And the product fundamentals are further strengthened to meet the real expectations of customers. Versatile and robust vehicles, cut for outdoor activities, with smart equipment and a pragmatic economic and ecological approach. The new visual identity conveys these messages and makes the brand even more desirable. It’s a new start for Dacia!

A simultaneous change on all vehicles

Probably a first in the automotive industry, this new visual identity is deployed simultaneously across the entire Dacia range.

To see them in real life, you will have to wait until the Paris Motor Show in October 2022. The first vehicles will gradually arrive thereafter in the Dacia network in Morocco.

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