NÎMES Electric atmosphere for the arrival of PNL at the Arènes

NÎMES Electric atmosphere for the arrival of PNL at the Arènes

After having braved two date postponements linked to the Covid, the fans were finally able to attend the concert of Ademo and NOS alias PNL, this Saturday evening in the Arena of Nîmes. As tradition dictates, a first part with one or more artists was in order. And what could be more logical than DTF, a duo of rappers belonging to the same label (note: QLF).

8:30 p.m. and dust, the evening in the Arena of Nîmes begins. The last latecomers take their place, DTF begins to entertain the public. In a style very close to PNL, they perform some of their biggest hits: “Me Gusta”, “Atlas”, “Trou de boulette”, or “Dans la savane”, from their latest album. Double Star. Something to whet the appetite of spectators waiting for the opening of the Nîmes lair for hours. Double bonus: the duo from Ivry-sur-Seine took the opportunity to finish their performance by inviting another duo on stage: MMZ, from the Cité des Tarterets, like PNL and by unveiling their new album project, which they showed an excerpt and shot part of a clip. Rather classy.

The DTF duo, first part of the evening (photo: Sacha Virga)

Around 10:15 p.m., Ademo and N.OS arrived on the stage, with a little delay, which the spectators made up for by learning a few dance steps, songs and throwing paper planes. And this entry, it was classic but very successful. The two brothers debuted with their sound “Deux frères” from the album of the same name. It was enough to ignite the crowd.

Ademo attracted fans and mobile phones (photo: Sacha Virga)

The duo, discreet with the press, hasn’t released an album for three years now, but it doesn’t matter for the fans, as the album Two brothers was a resounding success, becoming “the most streamed French-language rap project in the history of Spotify”. All the big songs have been played there: “Zoulou Tchaing”, “Au DD”, “Blanka”, “Hasta la vista”, “Menace”, “Misery is so beautiful”, “91’s”…

For purists, PNL has been able to please by offering three older sounds: “Onizuka” and “Until the last gram” from their album In the legendreleased in 2016 then “Le monde ou rien”, from their other success a year before Chico’s world. If we want to look for the little beast, certain titles like “DA”, “Rebenga” or even “J’suis PNL” would have been appreciated.

The spectators played the game when it was necessary to put the flash (photo: Sacha Virga)

An evening that ended at the stroke of midnight, for the first rap concert of this Nîmes festival. This Sunday evening, it is the Caen rapper Orelsan who will perform at the same place. For July, lovers of this style of music will be able to attend the return of Sexion d’Assaut (July 23) and the concert of Ninho and his faithful sidekick Leto (July 24). Tsew The Kid will be the first part of Angèle’s visit (July 20). Booba, announced for July 16, has been canceled.

Ademo and NOS thanking the fans for coming (photo: Sacha Virga)

Sacha VIRGA and Theo

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